White Dress + Black Belt: Cheaper than my Lunch!

White Dress and Black Belt: Will Never fail to bring the chic in you.
Putting a black belt on a white dress have to benefits: Illusion and attitude. First, it gives that illusion of a smaller waistline while putting an accent to that "clean," white look.

The Cheapest White Dress: my VERY FIRST UKAY ITEM

Yes! That super stylish white dress was found hanging on an UKAY at Malabon. After a couple of hours looking at possible "finds" in UKAY, I saw this beautiful dress hanging at the dress section. Instantly fell in love with it. I fell in love with it even more when I paid for only P50 dress!

You read it right, THE WHITE DRESS is only P50! 
TIP: Dont be shy, Go UKAY! Don't stop looking until you find the perfect dress. Who could have thought I could buy a cute outfit cheaper than my lunch? :) 


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