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The Forgotten Songs at Angel Place, Sydney

When I saw the hanging birdcages suspended on George Street, I was mesmerized by its beauty. It was in February when I saw and heard it first - The Forgotten Songs.  Paolo and I went to this restaurant, Bacco Osteria to celebrate our first year in Australia. The art installation was so beautiful and magical at the same time. You will hear the sounds of birds chirping - of birds that were once flying around Syndey. I had to do a second look to see if there were really birds inside the cages. So when the husband, Paolo decided (for the nth time) to go to the city last Sunday, I asked him if we can go back to Angel Place this time for me to see the installation again. This time, I was surprised to see the streets empty. Apparently, the numerous restaurants were closed on a Sunday - which was a surprise, as we initially wanted to have our late lunch there. Satin Coat: H&M | Dress: Random | Boots: Naturalizer Whilst the street is empty, it was also my great moment to take photos of th…

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