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Exciting Times Ahead

We're still over the moon knowing that our permanent residency visa was granted. We have been praying for it for months and now its finally here, Paolo and I are just very relieved with the fact that we are now eligible for the government benefits - something we did not get whilst we were on temporary resident  / working visa. One of the benefits we were really excited is the childcare rebates. The government has a scheme where they give subsidy for the (unbelievable) daycare fees to help the parents financially. Daycare fees cost roughly $120-$160 (more expensive if you are in Sydney CBD) and some day cares on farther suburbs may range from $80-$110. Being temporary residents, we had to pay in full (no rebates or subsidy) for Leon's daycare. Luckily, Little Angel's Kindergarten are charging only $85/day. It is still big, but since we're paying in full, it was a better deal than paying more than $100 day. Literal nagtatrabaho ako pambayad lang ng daycare ni Leon. Dayca…

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