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The Long and Quiet Easter Weekend

Like the rest of the world, we have spent our Easter weekend different from how we used to celebrate it. Before moving to Australia, we would usually start the celebration quietly on Holy Monday, observing our Catholic traditions. On Thursday, we would do the Visita Iglesia, where we would visit 7 churches and recite the station of the cross. On Friday we observe Jesus' crucifixion and from where I grew up (in Navotas), I would have the privilege to witness the people doing their penance - either re-enacting The Way of The Cross and even be crucified (safely). We then celebrate the ressurection on Sunday, where we all wake up early and witness salubong in our parish or simply the re-enacment of Jesus' rise from the dead. Sunday would be the happiest day as we can again feast and eat meat, after sacrificing and eating seafood for a week (or 40 days for some).

Then, we had to adapt to a slightly different way of celebrating the Holy week (or Easter Week) here in Sydney. Instead…

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