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Moving and New Beginnings

A lot has happened the past month and if you have been following me on instagram (@themommyroves) or we're facebook friends, you'd know that after being granted our permanent residency here in Australia, we have immediately looked for a new rental property in line with our plan to move to a 2 bedroom. I'm not sure if I've told you, but the main reason why we moved to our very first apartment in Rosehill is that it was the most decent, most beautiful and the newest among the numerous apartments we have inspected in the Parramatta / western suburbs area. Based on the budget we have set for our rent, (which is $400-$450/ week) that new, modern 1-bedroom apartment was then offered at $420/week. It was one bus ride away from the Paramatta Station, which was less than 30 minutes away from Paolo's job in the city. New 2-bedroom apartments would usually cost $500 and up, depending on where you are in the area. Of course, the lower your budget, the older the apartment will…

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