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Look Who's Going To Big School

Yes, Leon is. It wasn't the plan, to be honest. As we've recently transferred him from his old daycare (in Rosehill) to his current one in (Ryde), we initially intended to keep him in daycare for one more year. In Australia, the kindergarten age is preferably 5 years old, but would still accept kids under 5, as long as the kid is turning 5 by July. With Leon turning 5 July next year, we were quite hesitant to put him to big school for he will be the youngest in the class, mingling with 5 and 6-year-old kids in kindy. Yet things changed when we started noticing impressive academic skills. At an early age of 4, he can read books, posters, and signages. He would always be interested in colouring and writing letters and numbers. We were quite impressed to be honest, to see him be so intellectually gifted without us pushing him. In fact, his teachers in daycare said the same thing - they were very surprised each time would read and finish a children's book on story time. They …

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