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The Much Deserved Family Weekend in Holiday Inn, Potts Point

When the lockdown was announced in March, Paolo and I had to work from home and had to cancel all our planned holidays (including our much anticipated trip to the Philippines). 3 months later in June, lockdown has eased in NSW, thereby allowing us to go out more, for Leon to go to school and me, going back to work and Paolo, to still work from home. While life has slowly (almost) gotten back to normal, there is one thing that we cannot do - to travel and go on a holiday. View from Royal Botanic Gardens Instead of missing out on travel opportunities, our family decided to spend our holiday in Sydney CBD. We’ve been living in Sydney for almost four years now but honestly, we haven’t been to the city that much and there are still a lot for us to discover.  Our lovely family in the Holiday Inn Potts Point Hotel Room When we were given this opportunity to enjoy the Family Picnic Package in Holiday Inn Potts Point, it was the exact idea that we needed for our family. A weekend that just abo

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