From Grandma's Closet! :D

I LOVE going through my Lola's closet to find something to wear. She prefers wearing loose tops, which I love stealing especially when I want to wear something laid-back. But there's this piece that I fell in Love and I even wore for Valentines day!

My lola's blouse turned into dress for Valentine's Day.
 (Took the pic while car is being checked in a talyer. HAHA)
I honestly liked it cause it has that "vintage feel" especially when I paired it with her brown floral bag.

Another grandmother's item: Black knitted blazer

I just LOVE stealing her items, dont I? Who would have thought that I could pull off a nice Valentine's outfit from my Grandmother's Closet! :P

The Valentine's Date at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay with Paolo.

Cat's eye make up (Maybelline Gel Liner) + Powder pink lips (ELF Classy Lipstick) 

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By Sara Romero said…
love your blog, now following. hope you do the same <3 I also hyped you on LB!

thanks dear :) Followed you too. you have a very nice blog :)

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