Spotted: HMR Flats!

I initially thought that HMR is all about surplus appliances and bargain products from the US. Out of curiosity, I went in the store to see the stuff they offer. It was a surprise when I saw boxes of imported shoes sold in a much lower price. What made me more delighted is to see that most of the sizes were gigantic -- size 40 and up.

And there it was, a pair of beautiful, comfy flats sold for only P250. Yes. P250. It left me no choice but to buy it that instance. I have yet to recall the exact brand of this awesome flats but sincerely, this is the first ever, comfiest pair of flats Ive ever bought. So for those of you who are looking for a place to find cheaper, US brand shoes, you might want to visit an HMR store near you. :)

Brown Flats! Wore it the day after for a movie date :)

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Pau Villafuerte said…
Hey there! Recently stumbled into your blog. It's awesome that you have a blog dedicated on being fashionable without suffering so much from the price! Keep it up, lotsa peeps will appreciate it.

Hope you could check out my blog as well and follow back, thanks:
Hi Pau! Thanks for following. Im glad you appreciate my posts. I'm still relatively new to this, I hope you can bare with me. :) Glad to be following you back.
Sofia said…
Nice catch on the flats, doll. Too bad, we don't have HMR store near our place. From what branch did you buy those from? Thanks

Love to you
Got those from HMR Mandaluyong. Its along pioneer st, infront of pioneer pointe :) Thanks Afianne!

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