The Wrap Around Skirt

This wrap-around skirt was hanging at my favorite UKAY shop at Malabon, sold for only P50. Out of impulse I bought this item without knowing when or where to use this.

Wrap around skirt with white tube top and cream gladiator sandals. 

I finally got the chance to wear my wrap around skirt a year after, during my birthday celebration last March 7. My friends and I went to Laiya, Batangas and I threw a beach party in lieu of my 2_th :) It was the perfect summer outfit. I was able to wear it with flip-flops while at the beach then paired it with heels when we went to Greenhills for a movie date.

On our way home from Laiya. Wearing the skirt with flip-flops

 Then wore it with heels for our dinner at Papa John's Greenhills.

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