Color me YELLOW: My first attempt to color block!

My girlfriends and I threw a party for our best friend, Thet Reyes with a summer theme. Everyone's required to wear bright summer colors and I decided to wear something striking. Haha. Yellow maxi dress (used as a skirt) topped with a hot pink strap shirt.

Flash off. I blend with the wall's color!

I am so amazed with the color blocking styles I see on different fashion blogs thats why I decided to try my  luck on it. Unfortunately, everyone in the party teased my "snow white" that night. (dapat talaga blue nalang ang top ko with red headband! haha)

The birthday girl thet, with her flowers, cake and card :)

Me and my Bezoy :)
My girls (in their summe outfits) flanked Jian :)


Pao and I with Gizmo. We so wanted to buy a puppy na!
It was a nice party.Have to go home lang early cause I came from a nueva ecija that day. I hope the pulled of my first attempt to "color block." Haha.

What I wore:
Top: Baleno
Dress (used as a skirt): Planet Gold (bought in greenhills)
Shoes: (not in the picture): Lyn

Hype it!


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