Heaven and Earth

I saw this lookbook entry dated Sept 11 of last year and I decided to Blog about it. I was wearing things from my mom :)

I was off to tagaytay that day, thinking of what to clothes to wear when I saw a pair of brown boots and this shorts that my mom haven't used for YEARS. Since I'm feeling a little vintage-y that day, I decided to make my mom's items useful - wore it for my road trip!

My mom's shorts and boots. She has cute items! :D

Paired the beautiful boots with (mom's) denim shorts. Topped it with H&M Blue blouse and accesorized with NafNaf brown shades and brown body bag (a gift from a friend). I actually never thought that old items can be this stylish.
Brown has always been my favorite. 

Went to Tagaytay that day with Paolo to tour around his colleagues from Poland. Glad they enjoyed our dinner at Josephine's (they loved Filipino cuisine) and ended the night with drinks at Rue Bourbon at the Fort.

Tour at Tagaytay with Paolo and his colleagues from work: Carlos and Francis

Goofy face with Carlos. :D

First bottle of (2L) Tequila now being served

The moment alchol started to kick in. And we got another bottle! Haha


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