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Baguio's Famous Strawberry Taho

With the BF, Paolo and DJ the Famous Dog :)
The Lunch Date Version: Heels
Was in Baguio for the Holy Week and wore this on Good Friday. It's actually my first time to sport the nerdy look and I hope it worked well.

What I wore:
Hat: Bought in Metrowalk Tiangge
Eyeglasses: Bought at a stall below the Grotto Stairs
Cardigan: Bossini
Skirt: Ukay - Ukay (P50!)
Shoes: Bass Boots (from my mom) & Confetti

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charmieness said…
You pulled off the geek look. :P

I'll link you to my blog ha. Ang saya nyo ni Pao, puro travels :)
charmiee! :D Go lang. I need to learn pa how to link blogs gusto ko din. Hihi, oo yan ang luho namin ni paolo :D sana nga next time out of the country naman. thanks charm!!

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