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Saturdate: May 14 2011

Saturday is automatically movie date with the Bf and I was excited to wear this wide legged pants that I bought from It was actually my very first online buy and I was really pleased with the item they shipped! (I only got it at Php 200! Sulit diba?) Since it was scorching HOT outside Decided to wear a summer looks by pairing  it with a striped tube top, pink and gold heels and accentuate it with a straw hat.

My supposed-to-be look: Straw hat
So we went to Landmark, TriNoma to buy some colorful socks (for some color blocking!) but ended up going to this stall of different scarves! :D I was playfully trying it on, wrapping it on my head til the boyfriend told me that this red-orange (or brick red) scarf goes well with my outfit! I got so kilig that I ended up buying not one, but two scarves in an instant. (The other was the blue I wore on my previous post) 

Isn't this what you usually do? HAHA
Just right after I bought the scarf! :D
The headwrap :)
The Boyfriend. It was our 80th monthsary celebration. (Insert aaaww here!)

The scarf was actually a sulit buy cause its only Php70 and you can do a lot of things with it!
Other stuff that I wore were:
Tube top: F&H (my cousnin's, actually we had it for YEARS!)
Bottom: GIORDANO got it from 
Shoes: Lyn
Scarf: Landmark Dept Store
Accesories: Random

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