Mall Rats

Malls have always been my favorite de-stressing spot. I cannot understand but I find peace in the chill of the mall's airconditioning system, the smell of tiles, linens or fruits; and the brightness of its lights. I know its weird, but I find happiness everytime I am inside one (as if walking and window shopping is relaxing! HAHA! CHAR!).

So I make it a point to go to the mall (at least) every weekend to chill. Recently, was at SM The Block with my fambam (Yesterday, Saturday) and with the boyfriend (earlier) for some REALLY relaxing and happy moments. :D

My Mom and Lola, doing the grocery :)

I am proud to say that I am the breadwinner in our family. I grew up very simple, I was humbly raised by my mom and my grandparents; and now that I am earning, giving them things (that we were not able to afford before) fulfills me. And buying groceries is one of them.

I needed to have that outfit picture! HAHA
Anyways, before things get teary I have to make things light by posting my outfit picture. (Kailangan talaga sa grocery ako magpapicture! PAK! Haha!) Lately I've been into colors and I'm not quite sure if I am carrying it well. I am really inspired with the Color Blocking scheme that I dont really care if the weather's becoming gloomy lately. The more rainy it is, the more colors I wear. Its a good thing, right? Haha.

Another Shot with nanay nakaharang (errr.) I still have to lookbook this one.
Anyways,  the best thing about this grocery errand with my folks is I ended up buying a 32" inch LCD TV for our house. :D Hihi. I cannot explain the glow in the eyes of my parents as they see the fruits of my labor. (Kumbaga sa tagalog, e naiiyak iyak na) 

The Happiest Person: My Lolo, A self-confessed TV addict.

We were so excited to try the TV but to our dismay, the salesmen forgot to include the power cable in our box :( So I had to go back the next day (this time, with Paolo) to get the plug and have a movie date as well.

SM City The Block Day 2: Now with Paolo! He's my BFF! :p

So earlier, we had to go back to SM to get the power plug and have a our weekly movie date. We decided to watch Pirates of the Carribean (which I found boring) and shopped for some clothes and accessories. It was one of those fun (parang bago lang mag-on) dates.

Pink and Yellow! :D

I am loving the socks trend. It A perfect excuse for the rainy weather. People were staring at my feet the whole time. They probably think I am stupid.  I believe otherwise.
My Pink Socks (SM Dept Store) and Yellow Shoes (Confetti)
Just right after I got my power plug, I had to buy shoes. But since I'm on a tight budget...

SO! FAB is on sale and I like this but...
This pair won. :)
Snacks at SLAMMERS before PIRATES

The Nerdie and the Hottie
And some accesorry shopping after. :)

Loved the Owl Ring! Got it for P50 and Genevive Gozum!
Dinner at Gerry's Grill after :) Yuum

It was actually my first time to combine 2 events (or outfits) in one blog and I hope its an easy read. I loved the korean/colorful feel of my outfit as inspired by my fashion favorites, Tricia Gosingtan and Camille Co. :)

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