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MAY is the most anticipated month of the year (for our family perhaps) cause its our Lolo's birthday! :D And our Lolo's birthday means only one thing: A SUMMER GETAWAY! :D This has been an annual tradition since we were kids and now that we are adults (and working) its our time to sponsor our outing. The place we chose was a private beach resort at Iba, Zambales (which we got for an incredible price) and we were surprised on how far it was from Manila! (5-6 hours drive grabe!) 

The birthday lolo: Tatay Reme! :D

We were on our way to Iba and since we were on a convoy, we had to wait for my cousin's car at the first Petron stopover at NLEX (hence the pictures) for 2 hours! (They left something in the house so they had to go back) We got so bored that we ended up taking pictures of ourselves. Haha

My cousin, Aimee. I loved her "rebel" look!
The picture will be better if I'll the boys - ives and isiah (they are twins, by the way) HAHA
Cousins Aimee, (Ate) Aizza and (Kuya) Kevin 
With our youngest cousin, Alex :)
Kailangan talaga may picture with Mamang Worker! Haha
Paolo, the boyfriend wanted me to pose with his car. Model eh?
and his turn. Haha!
We hurriedly drove to Iba when my cousins arrived and made a few stopovers. We just had to take a break from that loooong drive!

My cousin in (my) strawhat and may (real) geek glasses.

We were not bored. Not bored at all. 
Some of the family members :)

And after a loong looong drive. We deserve a splash! :D

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