Business Class Baby!

And its June 18. My counterpart, Ron and several friends are flying to Boracay for a summer escapade. I decided to bring the boyfriend, Paolo to make the trip more exciting. What made our trip more exciting is scoring PAL BUSINESS CLASS tickets for our flights! We were very thrilled! :D (Haha obviously, FIRST TIME ko makasakay ng business class).

We were very early for our 9am flight :)

Due to some constraints, we had to give up our flight to accomodate our companions. Wuh :(

Since PAL has overbooked on that flight, and 2 of our companions will not be accomodated for the flight. I decided to give up our seats for them (work related decision, I must say) and wait for the next flight at 1 am. Imagine next 5 hours of waiting.

BUT! As complimentary, they gave us free roundtrip tickets to any domestic destination, AND we had 5 hours to chill at Mabuhay Lounge. HAHA. It was an annoyingly happy event.
Had to spend the next 5 hours at Mabuhay Lounge..,

and eat whatever's served.
Finally! Boarding time! :D
Business Class! We were very pampered :)

At least were not eating peanuts or cookies! :D HAHA

We arrived at Kalibo around 2:30 in the afternoon and had to rode a van to transport us to Caticlan Port. It was a really really LOOONG and TIRING trip. 

The van dropped us at Tambisaan port. (Not the usual Jetti Port, and it was a faster route!)

This boy is so cute! I just need to take a picture of him! :) -- My dream baby boy! HAHA

To Boracay! Finally!!
This is Tambisaan Port, I think :)

Finally! Boracay :)

It was really storming when we get to Boracay so I wasn't able to take much pictures while I was on the beach. Anyways, I decided to sport a very comfortable outfit for the trip, hence the outfit. :) Hype my look:

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