Thrift Therapy

It's a pay day Friday and I'm feeling kinda depressed (for no apparent reason) so I decided to transfer the negativity on shopping for clothes. Since I'm on a tight budget (which I always am, haha) went to Mabunga Ukay-Ukay, at Cubao for some thrift therapy. 

High waist gray shorts. 
Floral Printed Skirt

Weirdly-cut skirt (Sorry don't know the proper term! Haha)

And this super cute pink shorts! :D

Closer look. The Ribbon is so lovely :)

And since the rainy season is approaching, decided to buy some really cool jackets :D

Moss Green Jacket. LOVE the studs :)

I call this the baseball jacket. Cause it looks like one. Haha

I apologize for the blurred photos. Took everything using my point and shoot cam on a very low light. Anyways those were great finds, right? :) I cant wait to wear those na! :)

anyways, I'm planning to have a giveaway in my blog. I'm thinking of giving away a cute preloved dress for my readers (and to attract more as well). Do you think it will work? 

Im considering this floral printed dress I got from Muffin to be my blog give away. I've worn it once or twice and instead of putting it on our garage sale, will it be a good one to give? 

Check the dress on my lookbook entry here

I hope I can make this giveaway na :)


Mary Ann said…
i heart the salmon colored ribbon shorts! AMEN. ^^
thanks ann! cant wait to wear it na haha :D
mestizay said…
wow i want that ribbon shorts!
you are so lucky dear!
I can't wait for you to wear it.:)
Thanks meztisay! Grabbed it the instant i found it haha :)
Love the pink shorts! :)
It's gonna be so chic when you're gonna wear it na.
followed your blog.
hope you follow mine too.
thanks kristine!:)cant wait to wear it too. I'll check your blog :) thanks again :)

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