Mousse Lips & Happy Tummy! :D

ON LIPS: Avon Ultra Rich Mousse Lipstick in Berry Mauvy

I was never impressed with AVON lipsticks until today. You know those AVON brochures that your neighbor, friend or even colleagues show you? I ENJOOOY looking at it, smelling those rub it here to smell perefume, and others. Luckily, make-ups are on SUPER SALE that's why I instantly bought products. (Not bad na, cause you can pay it naman in terms. HAHA). And this ultra-moisture mousse lipstick is one of it :)

I was looking for a purple shade, thus got the berry mauvy one (left most). Well after trying it on, I was kind of disappointed cause my lips turned out to be old-rosy than purply. But, I was really pleased with its feel on the lips. Its like super duper moisture 10x. My lips got softer in an instant. I made me pout nonstop.

After hours of looking at the mirror, I finally fell in love with the shade, hence the number of pictures.  Oh by the way, I took everything using my IPod Touch :)

Before you guys get tired of seeing my pink lips, I wanna share to you this food discovery for tummy lovers out there. POCO DELI. Slow cooked meals, wines, sausages and awesome sausages! :D For those who are near Kapitolyo, Pasig area, you should visit this place. (Located infront of Charlie's) Its a small restaurant with great food servings :D

Image from

Sausage Platter.Yum!

I don't have much photos from the food we had earlier but I seriously say its a must try. Its actually a good place to have a relaxing dinner and a great conversation. :)

P.S. I'm still thinking of buying another lisptick. Will Nude look good on me?

TBD <3


The lipstick colours are all so pretty! x hivenn
Hi Jazzy! Thanks :) Yup and its very affordable!

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