Movie Fail!

MOVIE FAIL! Last Saturday, July 2 2011 I was supposed to watch transformers with Paolo after my check-up.  Since were going to Sucat to attend a funeral (huling lamay), we decided to go to Resorts World (since its near Sucat) with the hope that we could watch it  on 3D (with unlimited Popcorn) when we got there, the cinemas were packed! The lines were so long that we decided to call it off. We head off to coffee bean to grab a light dinner. We're so pressed with time since we need to be at Sucat as well.

Our Coffee Bean Dinner: Tomato and Herb Linguine, Chilled Chicken Salad, Mango and Chai Tea Latte

Our only picture! We were very busy tweeting! :P
We head off to Sucat to attend the funeral of my cousin's lola. Well for those who don't know me, I am an only child and I grew up very close with my cousins who lived nearby.  Eventhough their grandmother is not my direct relative, I treat them as family. 

Anyways I took a few of outfit poses before I left Resorts. Oh by the way, I used Paolo's Iphone4 and my Ipod touch, hence the images. I post processed almost everything in the Iphone, using the Camera+ App. You would see how I loved the cross-process effect.
Denim Oriental! Denim Jacket: Tomato // Printed Skirt (Used as a Dress): Thrifted // Shoes: Trunk show // Bag: Nine West // Accessories: Genevive Gozum // Belt: Mom's

There goes my awkward pose. Gosh my posture's really SLOPPY. How I wish I could improve it! 
Cross Processed vs. Original: Camera+! :D There goes my SKIRT, used as a DRESS :P
Nine West Bag, Trunk Show Heels
Genevive Gozum Rings! Look how many times I processed the photos :D
Just a segway, I love multi-purpose outfits. For instance, I prefer buying dresses that I could use as a top or as a skirt. Or a vest that I could use as a top, and so on. I'm really a cheapstake when it comes to clothing mix-match and very practical in terms of its use. :D Just like this skirt! it has a LOT of purpose :)

The skirt version! O diba?Bongga!

Anyways, hype my look at 

Much Love! :)


cute hills.
oh thanks :D it was a gift from the boyfriend. :D
ginny said…
great prints, they really pop!
wow! thanks ginny! :D I checked your blog it was really nice. Im following you there. :)
mestizay said…
i like the colorful print!
Daria said…
love this outfit, the dress (or should I say - skirt?) is ultra-fun :)

thanks meztisay! :) and Daria, its a skirt! I just find it more fun to use it as a dress. Thank you :)
Beautiful dress. I'm so sorry about your cousin. x hivenn
thanks jazzy. you're so sweet :)

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