MYOWNTHRIFTSHOP: A favorite online store :)

Online shopping was never my preference. I had this apprehension from buying at multiply / facebook online stores cause I was afraid that the photos might be deceiving. However, my thoughts changed since I encountered this nice, practical and very affordable online shop. 

I'm impressed on how it sells items in the best and in the most stylish condition. I fell in love with the shop when I made my very first purchase when I saw this pair of trousers:

Don't you just love how she connects her collection to fashion bloggers? :P (By the way i super love Kookie Buhain's blog, Death by Platforms)
The transaction went well, and Ann, the seller was really accomodating. Since then, I always wait for the release of her monthly collections. :)

Anyhoo, lemme share with you some great items I bought from her:

Wide - Legged pants: Giordano

Goddess of the Day dress

Mango striped shirt

And oh! I won in her give away! It was my first time to win in a blog contest :D

Won all of these! :D I love this shop na! :D

The seller, Ann also has a blog. Visit for some thrift / pre love / DIY and fashion inspirations. and check as well :)

Much love, TBD :)


Mary Ann said…
Sis! ^^ Am so touched, =) Thanks for the feature! ^^.
You're a very nice client too, ^^
ooohhh i love fashion bloggers and I do love Thrifted stuff =)) Nice blog pretty girl.. am a new follower here, hope you could visit my blog and follow me too =))
@ann: ikaw pa :) haha

@sittie: thanks yep checked your blog and followed you ;)
Roxanne said…
you look so pretty, i like your skirt.. it looks goods on you..

btw- am a new follower, i would love if you could also come visit/follow mine.. thanks ;)
Diane said…
hi girl.i love your blog and your style. would really appreciate it if you can visit and follow my beauty/fashion blog at i would really appreciate it. i'm a fellow filipina. let's show support for each other. thanks.
Hi Roxanne and Dianne :) you have awesome blogs! checked it and Im following you guys :) more power!!

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