Surprise Party // The Hangover 3

Top: Greenhills // Eyewear: Fifth Ave// Pants: Rockwell Bazaar // Shoes: So Fab!

Party's starting. I still look so fresh :D

Last friday, July 8 people from the office threw a surprise party for our colleague, Ron at Charlie's Grill, QC. The plan was initiated, planned and organized by his girlfriend, Manelle (which we all found very sweet) as a gift for him. We were very supportive and hence, the surprise was a success! :D

Partners in work and in crime! Happy birthday Ron :D
Ron + Manelle <3
Medichem people + Paolo :P

I was not afraid of getting drunk cause Paolo was there :D 

Some of Ron's friends 

It was an awesome party! :D Credits to manelle for throwing a great one. Beer, gin shots, Flaming shots, rum and all, every one was either drunk-singing, drunk-storytelling, drunk playing and all. Haha! I cannot believe that most of the guests (from the office) cannot remember the stupid things we did on that night, hence labeled the party the Hangover 3. Hahaha!

FLAMING VOLCANO. This killed me.  
Afterwards, everything went blurry. HAHA

Anyways decided to sport a corporate-ish look for the party cause the guests will be coming from work. Surprisingly I came overdressed cause Ron, together with the bosses came from a basketball game and they were in their shorts. Haha. It looked like it was my party. HAHA :))

The guys were teasing me cause I looked like their moms 15 years ago. Haha!VINTAGE ang peg ko!

I cannot live without my glasses. I am super nearsighted. 

It was a fun, crazy and crappy night. Haha! Hype my look: 

Much love, TBD :)


love your outfit! It's something playful yet upbeat :)
Aaaw. Thanks Gianella. :D Guys found the outfit weird, though. :)
cute style! party looks fun, did you remember any of it? lol
pretty girl! honestly I cannot remember anything that happened. It was really hangover part3 :))

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