When you're down, BLOG!

Yes. I've been trying to write something today but words can't seem to get off my chest. Lately, I've been feeling peculiarly lonely for a mix of reasons. Pardon me from shying away from girly, thrifted and bargain clothes or talking about weird fashion finds. Oh gosh, I'm turning emo.

My Facebook profile picture. It blends well with my mood.

Perhaps, my mood is directly proportional to my health. This low swing of emotions can be attributed to my health. Just this week I visited my doctor to consult on an important concern. I had a major surgery 10 months ago and there are still impending issues on its status. I just realized how depressive it is to see a specialist - especially when you get bad news every time you visit them.

Since it was reccomended that I undergo a very expensive and thorough procedure, I sought for a second opinion. The doctor said that the procedure is very ideal for my situation, but she optimistically gave me an alternative. I have to religiously follow a hormonal therapy for 6 months, and if the disruption is stilll there, then I'll go on with the procedure.

Sigh. At least I am relieved. Though the disruption bothers me, I am hopeful that the hormones will make me well. I am just hoping that everything works out well. I might be dysphoric for times but I'm still keeping my positive vibes up. 

Anyways, here are the lonely / happy post-op pictures last year. I still feel thankful for what happened, cause I felt how my family and friends and Pao love me so much! 
with Paolo.
and family
and more family
with my Mom
and trying to pose, as if nothing happened :)
Seeing this pictures made me feel a better. Again I'm sorry for an emotional write-up. Minsan lang. Anyways, I'm off to see Transformers in a bit. I really need to do something to make me feel better. I'm so stressed out. 


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