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Its been a while since I made a new blog post and I blame my schedule (and laziness) for it. Anyways, how are you guys doing? Me, I'm really excited for the long weekend cause I'll be going to CDO and Davao with the boyfriend (insert kilig aaaw here). We'll be celebrating our 7th year anniversary in advance (the date is Sept.16) to avoid filing leaves from work. How about your  long weekend plans?:)

Anyways are you guys also watching Korean dramas? Lately, I found myself spending sleepless nights watching 49 days (Pure Love in Channel 2). Honestly I never thought that I'll be hooked in Korean dramas but hey, their dramas are really heart-thrilling and heart-breaking! :)

In line with Korean dramas, I really think that their fashion is really amazing! and since I'm falling more in love with their clothes, I tried a simple Koreanish outfit (also inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian)

Hat: Random from Cebu // Top: Topshop // Skirt: Thrifted
I love the details of the Knitted skirt! :)
Oxford Shoes: Juan of Janylyn

I love the Oxford Shoes :)

Haha I'm like falling.:)

I wore this to my date with the boyfriend at bag of beans (it has been his favorite since we ate there last Valentines day). I always try to dress up very girly whenever we are on a date and I think that I look very young in this look.

At Bag of Beans, Tagaytay
Since its really cold in Tagaytay, I wore my thrifted Jacket on top of my outfit :D
and went straight to Ayala Abang for my friend, Enrique's despedida party.

The photobomb, Haha!
Credits to Ricky for the party photos :)

Anyways, hype my look at:


kath said…
i looove your shoes and skirt! :)
been reading your blog for a while now :) and im now a follower! :)

Roxanne said…
i love your skirt! haven't found knitted skirts in thrift shops.. come drop by my blog if you have time, i think we kinda have some things in common especially on thrifting! :)

Dylana Suarez said…
You look so wonderful!


@kath: thanks!! :) I'm flattered to know that you read my blog. thanks :)

@roxanne: yes,ive been reading your blog too! :)and yes we both love thrifting! :D

@dylana: thanks dear!! :)
Anonymous said…
What light of day isn't today?

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