Let's be vain

This is actually a late outfit post from a party I attended 2 weeks ago. My friend, Bev invited me to her mom's 50th party at Tagaytay. Since I'm feeling a bit fashyown that day, I decided to sport animal print ensemble. Initially I thought that I was overdressed for the event, but when we arrived to their rest house, we were suprised that the party was a bit elegant. (See, its really nice to be overdressed than underdressed, Haha!)

Zebra Print top: Thrifted // Skirt: Thrifted 

Fringe bag: Thrifted
Schu Booties

Have you noticed that everything I was wearing (except for the boots) are thrifted? Yes! The Joys of thrifting - having to own unique clothes for a cheap price. And oh, I have to thank Valerie Jiongco (my friend, Bev's sister) for taking the awesome photos above (Super thanks Val!!) and giving me the best set of photos for my blogger (and lookbook) yet :)

Since my friends have been teasing me for being so vain, I sort of influenced them to take "fierce" photos with me. I loved it! :D 

Bev, Thet and Myself. We were in black / gray tones! Believe me it wasn't planned

Photo with the bestfriend. Mara Clara ang peg! (Coz I look like Julia Montes / Clara daw)

But of course, papahuli ba ang couple?

and the next set of photos were taken from Bev's camera. Of course I had to convince her mom, Tita Evelyn to make love with the camera too! :D

With the birthday lady, Tita Evelyn & Our godson, Melo (who is a big photobomb! haha)

Think of the "perfect movie title" Haha

Switch partners?

It was indeed a well spent day - good food, good friends and good pictures! :) Haha I love how my friends posed in front of the camera endlessly. :) 

Let's be wacky! :P

and let's be vain.

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Wonder Woman said…
I agree. This look is awesome. Hyped you on Lookbook! :)

aaw thanks dear :)
Unknown said…
good to discover your blog! love thrifting as well and i think this is a very, very good look overall.:)

hope you can come visit me sometime too:)

chic in the tropics
thanks eden!:D wow flattered to have someone like you visit my blog. :)
mariska said…
how could u get that fringe bag?
i want it so much

mariska! thanks for visiting my blog. got it from a thrift shop (ukay) in munoz, qc :) hehe

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