Weeks ago, I was suffering from a major back pain (upper left area) when I decided to get a massage. My therapist suggested that I get a ventosa to remove the lamig that she is suspecting to be the cause of my back pain.With my eagerness to remove the back pain, I pushed through with the therapy for the first time.

The day after the Ventosa: Blood clot markings! 

The verdict? Ventosa relaxed my back but it did not cure or even lessen the pain I was feeling that week. Actually, it made it worse. probably my therapist had a wrong diagnosis, cause the pain felt something like naipit na ugat. I was immobile for a few days and the pain lessened 3 weeks after. 

Anyways, here's what I wore to the dinner date with friends the day after.

Top: Thrifted // Pants: From Coachella Bazaar at Rockwell

Booties from Schu
I just saw this tie and used as a necklace! What a bright idea :D

red-violet lips screams FIERCE! 
Since my marks were seen, I topped my outfit with a blazer (I don't have a photo of it cause I'm great like that haha) and spent the night eating, drinking and playing poker with friends :)

and I hate it coz is down. I can't post my look yet.

anyhoo chicvote my look here.


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