Happy Davao

As we conclude the second half of our Davao trip, my friend Popong drove us to the Philippine Eagle Center. Since Paolo and I were very tired (and smelly) from walking around Crocodile Park, I had to change to a more comfortable outfit.

Top: Islands Souveneirs // Salmon Shorts: Thrifted
What will be more comfortable than a pair of Chuck Taylor?

I say none. Honestly, I rarely wear rubber shoes (cause I think my legs look huge on it) but since we'll be walking around and will take the bus, decided to consider comfort versus style. Thus I wore this cute pair of Chucks that I borrowed from my guy cousin (Yes a guy, cause my feet are ginormous) and this cute printed t-shirt from Island Souvenirs. This shirt is a gift from my boss during our Business trip at Cebu. And since I don't wanna look to casual, I paired my shirt with my most awesome and favorite thrift find, my salmon shorts. 

Over-all look. I only had one bag for the trip and this one really don't go with my outfit.
Of course, I still wanted to look very girly (and stylish) despite the rubber shoes.

And here's a peek of what we've seen at the Phil Eagle:

Oops I'm not an animal :p
Im super kenkoy :D

Afterwards we headed to the bus terminal to go to CDO :) It was the longest bus trip (imagine 8 hour) I've had with Paolo! It was really tiring but super fun!

After 5 movies, 4 stopovers, this is how we looked like at 12 mn:

Super oily and haggard skin.
and served ourselves dinner at the only food chain that's open at 12nn: Jollibee!

Davao is indeed a beautiful place - clean, relaxing, disciplined, and all! I am sort of regretful cause I did not research first before booking our plane tickets. I should've included touring at the Samal Island on our itinerary and extended our stay at Davao. Oh well, at least I have a reason to go back to Davao (which I definitely would!) :D

Anyhoo, don't forget to hype my look on LB lovelies!

Much Love, TBD :)


kath said…
i love your new header! :) and cute outfit :)
Wonder Woman said…
I love your shorts! And your shoes look good on you :)

@kath thanks so much! :)

@wonderwoman: aaaw thanks dear!

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