BTS: Century Tuna x Laureen Uy

I was privileged to win Laureen Uy's BMS x Century Tuna contest on her blog which gave me a chance to be with her and other fashion bloggers in a shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was really thrilled when I got a message from Laureen herself that she chose me as the winner!! --- A photoshoot for the country's top magazine, and a chance to meet her in person! :)

Laureen Uy! Fierce + Fashion to the highest level!
I could not explain my excitement when the day arrived. Meeting Laureen Uy was amazing. She's really (stunningly) pretty, nice, accommodating and very (surprisingly) BECKY! :D And since it was my very first photo shoot, she promised me that she would make it a memorable one.

And it really was :-)

Make-up. Yes my first time to sit and be with the professionals.

Laureen looking stunning as always!
andCamille Co beside me.  She definitely looks like a doll., a beautiful one!
Met other fsshion bloggers,  Lissa Kahayon and David Guison :) 

It was indeed one of the greatest, first time experiences A photoshoot for Cosmo Magazine, the chance to meet the fashion bloggers that I IDOLIZE and be up close with  two of Preview's Best Dressed for 2011.

It was like a dream come true.

Again, thanks Laureen for this exprience. Your sweet and kind personality made this a lot memorable. :-)

PS: For those who are curious to what my answer to Laureen's contest is, click here.
And, the issue will be out October / November. By then I could blog more of the Behind the Scenes pictures. Please do grab a copy of Cosmopolitan once the ish is out! :)

Much Love, 
 TBD :)


Unknown said…
I have a new post, please drop by my blog.:)
Gela said…
awesome! congratulations on being part of the shoot! scan us a the page when it comes out. :D

boat ride through the sky
@Abi, Thank you so much :) Sure I'll drop by your blog! Im excited to see it!

@Gela Thank you so much for visiting my blog. im so flattered to receive a comment from a fashion blogger like you :)

Thank you so much sweetheart!
Aisa.Paxie said…
ganda mo girl!!! and congrats again. cant wait to see more BTS and the actual photos!:)

Aaaaw. Thanks Pax! Natouch naman ako to be visited by a big time fashion blogger like you. Thanks super!! :)
kath said…
congratulations! :)
@kath: thank you so much :)

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