Denim + Knots

I like how a knot, a vest or a jacket can give attitude to a dress. Just like how knotting this checkered dress made my outfit more sophisticated and how this denim vest gave the look a vintage feel.

From Boring to Edgy in just one Knot!
Anyways, I wore this yesterday when I went to my auntie's house at fairview. My grandmom usually wants me to wear a simple dress whenever we go out (she finds my choice of outfits really insane) so I brought this denim vest and sneakily put in on and tied my dress for the photo-op. (Photos are always courtesy of the boyfriend, haha!)

I love how my look transformed from plain jane to chic babe. 

Denim Vest: Mom's // Dress: Cousin's

Another great thing about this outfit? Well, I am wearing this denim vest that my mom owned for more than a decade! Thank heavens that denim vests are again trending and that my mother did not throw this lovely piece. And yes, my lovely cousin lent me this cute dress that I never thought I'd wear (I always thought that I'd look like a tablecloth, but I was wrong! Haha) 

Shoes: Juan by Janylyn // Bag: Ninewest

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Much Love, TBD


Anonymous said…
Sorry but you still look like a table cloth. The knot looks awkward. Well there's always room for improvement ;)
ellie estrada said…
hi randomly found your blog and think it's pretty cute! FOLLOWED. keep it up <3
@ellie: Thanks for following :) flattered with your comment! followed you back! ;)

@anonymous: your comment is very much appreciated :)
Rizza Lana said…
i love your brogues! stumbled upon your blog and its interesting! ;)

a new follower here ;)

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