Peaches & Cream

This is what I wore during the shoot with Laureen Uy and other fashion blogggers last Saturday.

Top: Random (from Grandma) // Shorts (that looked like a skirt): Mapleberry

Decided to wear something very girly and comfortable for the day of the shoot. I couldn't explain my excitement walking inside the studio (and seeing one) -- it was surreal. 

Accessories: Random Finds from my closet

Moreover, being dolled up by professional make up artists and stylists is another notable experience. Its really different when a real MUA does your make-up -- Everything looked so much better.

I honestly bought a lot of bottoms to prepare for the shoot (which was not really needed) and  this cream colored silk shorts was one of them. Its actually a shorts with a pleated skirt on top of it, which I love cause it gave me the freedom of wearing a very short, girly skirt and the comfort to move around with it.

Shoes: Figliarina // Bag: Longchamp Le Pliage
and have you noticed the sweet pastel colorblocking of the outfit? I love how it added to the gilry-comfy feel that Im trying to achieve that day.

Pastel colorblocking <3
And oh, it was also Paolo and I's 7th year anniversary weekend -- Another reason why I decided to wear something fresh and girly.

Please don't forget to check my look on lookbook and chictopia here:

Love, TBD


Anonymous said…
Lovely outfit ! And congrats on the contest !

Would you be interest on following each other ?!

I'm following you at bloglovin !

Xoxo from japan!
Aaaw! thanks for the sweet comment. I appreciate you following me deary! I have checked your blog and you have an awesome one. following you on bloglovin too :)
mestizay said…
I want your shorts too! so adorable!:)
Great makeup babe. looks so natural!
Thank you dear! but i envy you cause you git yours from a thrift store! :) And oh, the make-up is really nice! i wish i know how to put it on myself everyday :)
@decimalshoes: your blog is nice. of course i instantly followed you. Thank you :)
Anula said…
Gorgeous look!! I love your shoes!! Great blog!! I fallow you!!
Clementine said…
The pictures came out really nice, you look very pretty!
(and i also love those shorts, they are so so cute!)
@anula: followed you back dear!

@clementine: thank you so much. i feel so flattered :)
msblader said…
nice facion
love this! love ur hair too :)

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