Spree vs Steal: Pumps

I'm such a thrifty dress-up barbie. I love dressing up so much but I'm so kuripot that I frequent tiangge, ukay ukay, mall sales just to sustain my fashion addicition without burning my pockets. Hence, I'm really really excited to share to you the greatest "steal" I had so far.

My Nine West Black Patent Pumps

Yes you read it right. My greatest fashion steal is my pair of Nine West patent pumps! I bought this from an Ukay-ukay at Baguio. Would you believe that I got it for only Php 650 / USD 12.

SPREE: Nine West Proudly Black Patent Pumps: $89 = Php 3,800
From Php 3,800 to Php 650 = WHAT A STEAL!
I rarely buy shoes from Ukay (cause its really find a good one na maayos pa) but since this was one of the few ones that was in a VERY good, looks like new condition (and fits perfectly to my gigantic size 40 feet) and bought it without second thoughts! 
Sulit diba? :)

Anyways, I wore this pair for the first time to attend the birthday celebration of Paolo's dad at Tong Yang. Since it was a family affair, I wanted to sport a smart - chic look.

Bowed Down. Mustard colored top: Random from Eastwood Tiangge

Skirt: Random from Rockwell Bazaar 
Bag: Cousin's 
My outfit is filled with ribbons. Notice the bo on the back?
Bow collar :) 
Bow on the skirt
I had the fear that I looked young  and playful on this outfit but the boyfriend insisted that I was wearing a corporate attire. I think I looked like a school girl. HAHA!
Bargain top to bottom! Outfit hoarded from Bazaar and Ukay!
I find it very satisfying to pull off an outfit without spending too much money. I don't have that guilty feeling that I cutting down my savings. Do you feel the same way?

Check my lookbook on chictopia here:

Much Love, TBD


oh my, this look is breathtaking! ♥ I'm completely in love with this blouse, and it's perfectly paired with black and white pieces! you look just extremely adorable ✿
Wow. This must be the sweetest comment I got on my blog. Thank you so much for appreciating this. I'm really flattered :)
Unknown said…
your skirt is really cute;)

kath said…
great find talaga! :) di pa ako nakakita ng super okay na shoes sa thrift store..
Mary Ann said…
Yey for the find Rovie,I love 'em! ^^.

and the outfit is so darling, you're looking prettier and prettier ha, ^^
MariaKristela said…
The top is just so eye-catching! The bow detail is very unique. :)
@milk: Thanks mik :D

@kath: Yees! It was a "tsamba" buy! medyo mahal for an ukay shoes (P600) pero sulit naman :) haha!

@ann: thank youuuu especially for the compliment :P

@mariakristela: Thanks so much :) Got both from 2 separate bazaars :)
Anonymous said…
Great post!!
Can you follow each other? :)

Wonder Woman said…
Wow. That really is a steal. And your outfit is great, too :)

Please visit my shop when you can. Not a lot of items on it right now, but will be adding more when I get back from Ireland: http://aaathrift.blogspot.com

Btw, my wrist tattoo *is* real and it means "hope" in Elvish. :) Thanks for asking!

Unknown said…
love the vintage looking top!
i am following your blog.
i hope to see you again in my blog.=)
the bag is awesome! super laveet my dear. :)
guys, I am so flattered with all your comments on my blog. I cant believe that people are actually reading my blog :D

@yumiko: of course we could follow each other :)

@wonderwoman: nice tattoo! thats something i would want to do but i cant. i have restrictions. ://

@abi: naku super thanks for following. :)

@india: thank you :)

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