Frida Inspired

I've actually bought this military inspired blazer from MYOWNTHRIFTSHOP when I saw one of my favorite Lookbook bloggers, Frida Johnson wearing an "almost" similar blazer.

Frida Johnson, Fashion Blogger. Check her lookbook here

I was instantly stunned with her look that it inspired me how to wear this angas military blazer. So I wore this yesterday when I watched Friends with Benefits with the boyfriend and his mom.


Boots: Schu // Belt: Memo

Fringe Bag: THRIFTED
I love the details of the blazer <3

 I know the blazer is not entirely the same but they somehow resemble each other. And still, Frida's look is way much better :)

Anyways, hype and vote my look at:


Mary Ann said…
^^ yey, lovet Sis! ^^ pa-grab ha, ipagyayabang kita s shop, lols ^^
you look so pretty (pero rock!^^)
wow. sure sis thank you ha :)
lovee the outfit! and in the first pic, that blue top is gorgeous! :D Xx
Unknown said…
decadent upper love! you carry it well:)

Kym said…
I love the top!
krista said…
I think your blazer's awesome in its own way - it's more Manila-weather friendly :)

let's be blog friends? :) and I'm giving away tickets to the Yabang Pinoy Global Pinoy Bazaar happening next month :)

xoxo Xta
eji patanao said…
omg, super tama ka! ang chic ng blazer :)) gusto ko din :)) haha :))

wild and fierce

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model's own lipstick giveaway :)
StyleIDnet said…
You look great!! love your top and your style.
what a nice outfit. <3

Mar said…
I think you did great with this. I love the military inspired jacket you thrifted, it looks really edgy on you and works out with the whole outfit! - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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thestyleflux said…
Wow! That's a great find! I love that military jacket. You really pulled it off, way to go! somebody call US Weekly and rate who wore it best :)

Fashion Blogger
Wow so many comments :) thank you guys!

@Maria: wow thanks its an honor to be compared to frida naman :)

@mannequins: yey thanks! its actually styled by anne :)

@eden & kym: top's really a great find! ;) thanks!!

@xta: omg i'd love to be blog friends with you and i wont miss your giveaway!!:)

@eji:i hope anne can spot another jacket!:) hope i win sa giveaway :)

@styleid & mar: thank youu :)

@kaye / styleflux: wow if i win grabe :) haha thannks!!
krista said…
followed back na! :) I'll be updating my blog links soon, watch out for it :)

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