Knit on Heat

On a mall date with the family, I decided to wear the comfiest outfit I could ever think of - flats and a pair of shorts.And since the heat was scorching last Sunday, I decided to spice up a simple pair of shorts with a knitted vest and combat boots. Something that could perfectly beat the heat.

Top: Kamiseta // Shorts: Random Buy from Eastwood Tiangge // Knitted Vest: Random // Bag: Thrifted // Boots: Mom's // Belt: Mom's

This pair of boots is becoming one of my favorites. I loved how my mom managed to keep this (I remember seeing this in our room when I was in grade school) and how much I hated it when I was younger. Now I'm the one who's using it more! This is a proof that trends come and go -- this pair was in during the 90's and now its having its comeback. :)

Anyways, I initially planned to wear a Knit-on-knit look:

Top: Thrifted // Earrings: From a Bazaar // Hat: Metrowalk

But the boyfriend was upset cause he was not comfortable with my outfit. He won't take my pictures unless I change my top. And since I'm a good girl, I did. (Haha he was so concerned that he did not want my underwear exposed)
But I am definitely wearing something like this again soon!  Haha.

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Much Love, TBD


Wonder Woman said…
This is a great look, Rovie. I love it! Hyped it on LB! :)

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