Neutral at Work

I rarely wear smart casual outfits to work cause we are required to wear our company uniform when we are out in the field. (My work is in sales, by the way). However there are several instances that I get a chance not to wear my uniform and sport a smart-casual/ corporate attire once in a while. On moments like those,  I try to dress as simple as possible without sacrificing style. 
And this day was one of them. <3
Coat: Thrifted // Dress: Friend's // Shoes: Thrifted
It has been raining all week that I took advantage of it and wear this thrifted coat I bought a year ago. Paired it with a nicely printed dress borrowed from a friend for the girly + neutral look. I must say this is one of my favorite work outfit I've worn so far.

And on another note, I wore another thrift find - open toe orange heels! <3 I got it from again, an ukay at Munoz, QC for about Php 400. It was on their "new arrivals" section that it was a bit pricey among the others. But hey, the shoes really looked new and amazingly it fits my ginormous size 40 feet! Haha :)

I'm supposed your wondering, whats with the car shots? Its because my friend, and co-worker, Ron (who was also forced to take my pictures! haha) wanted me to pose beside his car to show off its mags. Is it nice?

How I wish I can wear outfits like this everyday to work. My own version of soft - smart casual. Oh well, I still have to comply :)

Anyways, check my look on Lookbook and chictopia here:

Much Love, TBD


Rizza Lana said…
real steal on those shoes rovie! ;) they look gorgeous!
StyleIDnet said…
Love your shoes... specially the color.
aaw! thanks rizzalana and styleidnet! :)

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