At the Supersale Bazaar

This is what I wore to the Supersale Bazaar last Nov 5. It was raining really hard that weekend that I found the perfect excuse to wear my thrifted high cut boots. And since I feel really lazy (again) to dress up for the bazaar, I decided to pair my boots with other thrifted items on my closet. I was quite surprised with the outcome. It was more stylish than I expected. 

Blazer: From Grandmom // Top: Thrifted // Skirt: Thrifted // Boots: Thrifted 
Bangles: Vente // Rings: Genevive Gozum // Earrings: Random
(yey to everything THRIFTED!)

If you noticed the black and green watch I was wearing? It was actually a prize won by the boyfriend at the bazaar!  Of course, it automatically went to me. Haha.

Of course I hurriedly looked for the bloggers' booth the moment I arrived at the bazaar. I'm so giddy to have seen 2 of my most favorite fashion bloggers, Camille Co and Lissa Kahayon. It was so flattering to know that they still remember me. I met them for the first time at the Century Tuna x Cosmo shoot and it was humbling that Camille and Lissa even called my name. They're really nice and super sweet to their readers (or fans, like me hihi). They talk to you and remember you! :D (I'm still kinikilig haha)

Of course I did not miss the chance to raid their closets! Hihi. Thank you again Lissa for giving me a good price, it was a great bargain! <3 And oh, I was looking at Laureen Uy's booth as well but unfortunately was not able to buy clothes. :/ I was also able to buy 2 shoes from ROME for only Php 1500. Will post outfit shots soon! :)

Anyhoo, Paolo and I concluded the night by watching the last full show of In Time at MOA and grabbing a quick lunch at Reyes Barbeque before the movie. And since I was craving for some Milk Tea, Pao drove me all the way to Bubble Tea,  Timog to satisfy my JCC craving. 
 Haha. Sorry had to do this at the CR.

Quick Reyes Bbq dinner

Mango Green tea (?) for him and JCC royal milk tea for me. JCC is my most favorite milk tea flavor of all. Mmm, Yummy <3

Of course my photographer, shopping companion and eating buddy, Paolo. I love how he supports me in all of my kaartehan. :)

Just click the link below

Much Love, TBD


Loving the leopard detail of your top!:) and aww sweet of lissa and camille!:)
Kaleido Mind said…
love the layering:)
@Ava: Thank you so much :D kakilig naman you visited my blog!

@kaledido: aaw thank you :)
charmieness said…
tisay, i really think you should smile with your teeth shown more often. :)
Looking at all your thrifted finds makes me so excited to go thrifting in the philippines in february. Can't wait!
Ally Hunnam said…
Wow such a great look :) I love everything about it!
awww... i adore your outfit especially the earrings!

It’s a GIRL Thing
eye_spy said…
gorgeous outfit!
love your blog too, now a follower :)

follow back? eye_spy
@charmie: I know. I look so lonely in pictures :(

@ashley: oh my you left a comment! i feel so flattered! thank you! o yes you should thrift here! tiring but you will find great stuff!

@aimee: thanks:D

@cutestprincess: thank youu :)

@eyespy: followed back :)
kath said…
love the whole look! :)
What a fab event!!! And I am in love with your top!!
ROXY said…
love the animal prints rovie :) youre totally rockin that outfit :D
Anonymous said…
Girl you got swag! :)
mishuella said…
gorgeous earring !
lovely pictures !
Maria Regina P. said…
great your top. im your new follower. hehe

<3 Maria
Jenine said…
Yay for thrifted!:) It doesn't look one though! :)
Bree said…
Thabk you for your comment.
Great outfit!

ROXY said…
loving your outfit rovie :) pretty mo , youre rockin this look! :DD

lalalalove <3
Mimi said…
cute outfit, yummy food, and amazing bazaar! :D

<3, Mimi
Bea Perez said…
Love the print on your top. Is this for real? All of that is thrifted?! I'm still a student and can't afford to buy too much branded clothes, so please give me tips on where are to buy the best thrifted clothes :))

xx Bei
Bea Perez said…
Love the print detail on our top! Is it for real, all of them are thrifted?! I'm still a student and an aspiring fashion blogger but I can't afford buying too much branded stuff, so will you please give me tips on where to buy the best thrifted stuff? :)

xx Bei

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