Comfy but Rebel

Hey dolls! How's your weekend so far? Mine's quite tiring but fun! Got home an hour ago from Laguna (to check the boyfriend's car at a shop and also visit my relatives there). Also spent a great friday night with a reader and a friend, Marie Castro (of who made me her +1 for the Meg Up & Coming Event with Laureen Uy & Camille Co at KYSS. (Thanks again sweet cakes for the chance-- will blog about this tomorrow hihi).

Anyways, just sharing you a laiback, almost rebel-looking outfit I wore earlier today.

Since I was only going to Laguna for a quick visit,  decided to go for a very casual and basic look - tank top and jeans. Its wonderful how putting on a pair of boots changed my look. As they say, shoes either make or break your outfit. In this case, my shoes "made" my outfit somewhat rebellious. (Well I think! Haha)

Shades gave me the chance to not wear any eye make-up on. Yey!
Top: Playboy 
Jeans: BNY
Boots: Rome
Shades: Rayban

Funny how Paolo managed to take my outfit shots at Shell SLEX stopover and perfectly captured the wind effect. Bongga lang sa paghangin ng hair, lakas maka-angas effect! :D

Since the traffic earlier was so heavy, decided to make this post really quick. Tomorrow (or later) shall blog about the Meg Up&Coming event where I became a huge fan girl when I saw my favorite bloggers Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Bianca Gonzales, Kryz Uy, Lissa Kahayon, Patricia Prieto & Tracy Ayson

For the meantime, kindly check my look at LOOKBOOK & CHICTOPIA

Thank you!! xx,


AVA said…
Digging the laid back rebel look :) Love where you took the photos too!:)
carla said…
Those wedges look very comfortable!!
hi carla! thank you!!:)
yay! thanks ava <3
Amanda said…
SUch a cool look! Love it!
mmmmmm said…
I love your outfit!!
Elizabeth said…
The sunglasses look great :D
mathea said…
sexy. rebellious boots love it! followed you.
ashley/ milk teeths said…
Tough and pretty, you pull this look off so well :)
Mathea. Thank you so much for following <3
wow!! thats a wonderful compliment. thank you so much! I'm so touched <3
thanks elizabeth :D
thank you so much amanda <3

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