Cosmopolitan x Century Tuna Feature: Strut that Statement Piece

I have already blogged about the century tuna photoshoot over a couple of months ago when I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Laureen Uy to be her reader for the shoot. The good news is, the issue is now out! :) I still can't believe in my own eyes that I am seeing myself in a magazine. No, not just a magazine but its in COSMOPOLITAN! :D It's a dream come true. 

Have you guys bought Cosmo's November issue already?
PS: Carla Abellana looked really stunning in her cover. <3
But before I go to the feature, let me share with you some behind the scenes pictures I've been dying to share to you for months!

Laureen styling my NERDY BUT SEXY SHIRT. Look on how amazing she is in terms of playing around with clothes? :) She's really an awesome stylist, I must say :D

Ogie, our hairstylist doing last minute fixes on my hair

Look how cute this picture is! :)

At this moment, I'm getting kilig as Laureen is styling me. (Its an honor!:D)

Group shot! (L-R Camille Co, Rovie Divinagracia, Kathleen Perez and Laureen Uy)

Of course I wouldn't let the day pass without having a picture with Camille Co! She's the sweetest barbie doll ever.

Another group shot. Sorry for the blurred photo.
Oh if you're wondering why I changed shirts, its because they asked me to change to another color for the photo purpose. There were too many wearing blue na daw on the side where I was seated.

How can I forget about outfit post? Everything was styled and owned by Laureen. Shoes are from Asian Vogue (Mind you, I am size 10 and she's size 8! I had a hard time walking in those haha. But it was a nice pair! ok lang tiis ganda!) and accessories all from her. 
I feel so happy to be Laureen Uy for a day :)

And of course, the final product:

 Six Fashion Bloggers: Camille Co, Dominique Tiu, Bjorn Bedayo, David Guison, Laureen Uy and Lissa Kahayon along with their equally inspired readers.

 That includes me! :D Yay, I feel so happy that my first ever smiling shot was published in a magazine. I rarely smile with teeth shown because I am really shy to show my braces, but they asked us to smile so I did.

The blogger & the reader. Again, thanks so much Laureen for this wonderful experience! :)

 Read about why we chose Shy but Sexy & Nerdy but Sexy

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine now!
P.S:Laureen has other features in the mag too <3

Just click the link below

Much Love, TBD


Unknown said…
HUWOW!!!! Congrats!! so pretty!!
Thank you nina <3
Carissa said…
you look fab <3

and that girl with her red heels too :o

wow, congrats on the cosmo feature! <3 the items you wore on the shoot (especially the shoes!) are gorgeous and it's amazing how your size-10 feet fit into the size-8 ones..a little pain for fashion, right? hehe.

ps. thanks for following me..following you back!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
bee. said…
freakin' awesome!!! congratulations! ^__^
LV said…
Congrats! you look so amazing and I love love love those shoes!
kate said…
wow, you look so great! i envy you this experience ;) when i'm reading your post i can see that you're really happy of that :>

P.S. great shoes, i love them <3
Mary Ann said…
Siiiiissss!!! COngrats!!! ^^lovet.=)
Mimi said…
wow, that looks fantastic! how amazing is that?! i wish we can get that particular magazine here. :)

<3, Mimi
NerdGlasses said…
Congrats! You look amazing so lucky!
I'm holding a giveaway
It's a YSL ring!
Bree said…
How awesome!


Stevia said…
congratz on the feature! :)

Eunica said…
OH MY GOSH. I ENVY YOU SOOOO MUCH! Laureen and Camz are two of the most fab fashion bloggers ever and for you to have an opportunity to be with them in a feature is just pure AWESOME!

im loving your blog! followed you ;)

game for a follow back? hehe=P

@Carissa: Thank you! The girl is Laureen uy, one of the top fashion bloggers here in the Philippines :)

@Gizelle:Thank you so much! Yes its once in a lifetime so I made the most out of it :P

@bee: Thank you!

@LV: Thank you so much. Shoes are not mine unfortunately :)

@Pefidina: Yes it was one of the happiest experience!

@Ann: Thank you so much <3
@Mimi: Thanks! unfortunately the magazine is only available here in the Phils

@Nerd Glasses: Thanks :D

@Bree: Thank you! :)

@Stevia: Thanks!:)

@Farja: Thanks :)

@Love Joice: thanks,I followed back ;)

@Eunica: Its one of a kind. :) Thanks followed you!
congrats bargain doll! thats so awesome! laureen uy for a day! :))
Anonymous said…

Drop By! :)

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