First Ever Tutorial: How To Make A Big Bun

A few of my friends asked me how to make a big bun that's why I'm posting my very first tutorial. Haha! I only learned his from watching Tricia Gosingtian's tutorial videos and this is my own version of a big bun. I am no expert in tutorials, but hopefully you guys will learn from this :)

What you guys need: 2 ponytails and an unused sock.

Cut the closed end of the sock and roll it over to make a big donut. Note: The longer and thicker the socks, the better!

Create a high ponytail and make sure its really tight.

Insert your hair in the middle of the donut sock on the tip of the ponytail. Distribute your hair evenly and roll it until it you reach the bottom part of the ponytail. Worried if the bun will be messy? Its okay, that's part of the effect! ;)

Ta.. da! This is how your hair will look like. :D

The bun is too loose? Don't worry, let's tighten the bun by securing it with another ponytail.
There you go! Your big donut bun :) 

PS: Instead of socks, you can also use this ponytail wigs that can be bought from Broadway Gems. I personally use this ponytail wig cause it makes the bun more natural and a lot bigger (but make sure you buy one that is near your hair color).

 Also, you can style the bun anyway you want - ribbons, scarf or anything nice, to make it more stylish. Look at how I styled my cousin's bun:

That's Aivee my cousin and her baby boy, Avery. Aren't they cute? <3

Hope you learned something from this tutorial. Pardon me for this, its my first time :)
Much Love, TBD


Anonymous said…
this a really cool idea... i will give this a go soon, thanks for the lovely post doll :) xx
Thanks! Hope you learned ;)
Sam said…
Thanks for this great tutorial, your instructions seem easy to follow - I hope I can get it right. Looks pretty!
@sam: hopefull you can get it right! post pictures if you can :) thank you for reading!
J said…
Beautiful! Like this post. :)
Louise Camille said…
Cool! i will try this asap! Thanks for the idea!:) it will be really helpful to me.

Followed your blog. Hope you can follow mine also. Thanks!:) I'm in need of followers, I will have a giveaway soon.:)
Thanks again!

Here's my blog:
@Jelisa: Hope you try the big bun :)

@louise: followed you back! post pics when you finally make a big bun ha! :D
Polly said…
GREAT tutorial! I had been wondering how to do this for ages!
Melodie Joyce said…
That was so great! 'Wished I learned about it when I dressed up my little girl as Tinkerbell.
Unknown said…
I really love the bun! It looks really cute!
Charm Victorio said…
very cool and cute! i would definitely try this. :)

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