FOXYFASHIONHUB x TBD Giveaway: Win a New Dress and Tons of Accessories!

Imagine this: a stylish leopard printed dress, a sweet pink bow ring, a cute brown woven belt and a fashionable set of bangles will be yours absolutely FREE!

Wanna know how? :)

For the first time FOXYFASHIONHUB, an online fashion store partners up with me to give my readers a sweet treat. One lucky reader will be able to win the following prizes:

1. Leopard Printed Dress
2. Pink Bow Ring
3. Set of Bangle
4. Woven Belt

Isn't that awesome? So how do guys join?
(Open for Philippine Readers only)
1. Follow my blog via google friend connect or bloglovin
2. Add FOXYFASHIONHUB on facebook

That easy!
and oh, additional entries will be give to those who will reblog this post or tweet this link and tag me, @roviedear
Deadline of entries will be on Nov 19, 2011
Goodluck guys!:)

Much Love,TBD


LV said…
cute dress!
Followed through GFC
Added Foxy Fashion Hub

Kristine Villano
Davao City, Ph
Apple said…
followed and liked

name:apple anonuevo
Tricia said…
Good luck with the contest! :)
1. Follower of your blog via gfc

additional entries

blogged it-

tweeted it-!/charmaignegrace/status/133706988549963776
Lilli Abatayo said…
Name: Lilli Elizabeth Abatayo
GFC: Lilli Abatayo
followed you on fb.
shared it on:
Unknown said…
Joined sis! Thanks for inviting me :) and visiting my blog as well.

GFC - Belle
email - candycoatedpaw[at]gmail[dot]com
FB - Candycoated Paw
Twitter - candycoatedpaw
Tweeted -!/candycoatedpaw/status/133716930010939392

Thanks dear!
kitty said…
so cute! like like like!

1. Follow my blog via google friend connect or bloglovin - DONE! GFC Name: cham
2. Add FOXYFASHIONHUB on facebook - DONE! FB Name: Cham Cuartero
3. Twitter Share DONE!!/chamcuartero/status/133724339605471232
Charmaine Montes
followed u via bloglovin
and tweeted u! :D
twitter: @loveforcharm
Unknown said…
Joined! ♥

Krista Mae de la Peña

Thank you!
Jazzy Jaz said…
I really love that stylish leopard dress! Hoping to win! =)

GFC follower: JazBorj
FB name: Jaja Borja-Laure
Twitter name: @jazborj
Tweeted about the giveaway:!/jazborj/status/133764484589301760

Jaja Borja-Laure
Patricia Calma said…
Followed via GFC
Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on Facebook


GFC: Patricia Calma
kristina marie said…
Kristina Marie Letada
Twitter: @iamteenuh

1. Followed your blog via google friend connect and bloglovin
2. Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on facebook


mhoie1325 said…
Followed your blog via GFC {Elinor Semira} or bloglovin {SuperMOM Thoughts}
Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on facebook {Elinor Semira}

Additional entries:
Reblogged this post:

Elinor Semira
I joined :-)
Followed you on GFC dear.
littemisspoleng ( GFC NAME )
added your sponsor :-)
Agnes Dela Cruz said…
Hi I'm joining!

Fb link :

Agnes Dela Cruz

GFC: Agnes DC
ayenahmariel said…
Mariel Mangubat

gfc: ayenahmariel
PhinkyMommy said…
1. Followed via gfc: Leizle
2. Add FOXYFASHIONHUB on fB: Leizle Demaisip


Leizle Demaisip
Bernadeth said…
Name: Bernadeth Gutierrez
GFC: adeh8
added you on fb.
Ally Hunnam said…
aimee alysa dela cruz
added foxy fashion hub
and followed you days ago :))
Anonymous said…
Followed via GC: Tanya Santiago
shared on FB:
tweeted:!/svetlanisophies/status/133862098848591872 <3
mary said…
followed through the name mary chua
added your facebook account

tweeted about the giveaway:!/small_princess1/status/133863734434205696

name: mary chua
ROXY said…
followed you through GFC--ROXY

added foxyfashionhub on FB --Evette
Rozanne Flores Sibayan

tweeted it :) itsjustroxy
Amanda Paredes said…
Amanda Paredes
GFC: amandajoyce_20
twitter: @amanda0201196!/amanda0201196/status/133870831762817024
Amanda Paredes said…
Amanda Paredes
GFC: amandajoyce_20
twitter: @amanda0201196!/amanda0201196/status/133870831762817024
Rachel said…
Enter me, please! Thank you! :)

Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
Email: racheltvillanueva at yahoo dot com
Twitter: outdoor_kitty
FB: Rachel Villanueva
Rochelle Rivera said…
i love your giveway. Very beautiful dress and accessories.

Thanks to you and Foxyfashionhub

I tweet @rochellemiko
Added Foxyfashionhub

and will posting about your giveway on blog. :-))
Trish said…
Joined! :)
Followed you via GFC and Bloglovin'
Added Foxy Fashion Club


Name: Trisha Janine Caranto
twitter: miiss_triish

Thanks for the invite! :)
Trish said…
and oh btw, this is the link where I reblogged :)
Anne Marae said…
Followed you via GFC.
Followed FoxyFashionHub in FB (Anne Fillado)

Tweeted about this giveaway:!/babyannne/status/133902562033270785
Charlene B. said…
Followed through GFC (Charlene B.)

Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on FB (Charlene Lyra Bianes)

tweeted about the giveaway:!/charlenelyra/status/133909041628975104

thanks for the giveaway! :)
Hzl said…
I joined!

GFC Name: Zelle ♥
Email: hazeluri(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB name: Hazel Ann Uri
This dress is so cute! I like this post!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

Don’t forget to enter the ZELEB giveaway on my blog!!
Cosa mi metto???
sounds like a great giveaway! too bad i live in the uk :/
Charisse Aura said…
1. Followed your blog thru GFC (Charisse Aura)
2. Added Foxy Fashion Hub
3. Tweeted it here!/auraxoxo/status/134086349534924800

Name: Charisse Aura Pagatpatan
sooo cute!! :) hope to win this amazing giveaway!

Added you on FB and BlogLovin: France Irish
GFC: prettyandfab
Hollie said…
hi rovie, thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice giveaway.
Patricia said…
Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Ü

Followed. Added.!/akosiAssyla/status/134182793247862784

Patricia Cua
Nice dress! :)

Followed GFC and Bloglovin'
Added you in FB.


Name: Patricia Ocampo
Email: aicirtap(underscore)hot(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph

Joey said…
Followed your blog! :)

Added Foxy Fashion Hub

Tweeted your giveaway! :)

Joey Arevalo
Charm Picana said…
1. Followed u through GFC!!(GFC Name: Charm Picana)

2. Added you on Facebook!

3. Mentioned u in twitter
Twitter link:!/chachaarm/status/134257523271278592
Charm Picana said…
1. Followed u through GFC!!(GFC Name: Charm Picana)

2. Added you on Facebook!

3. Mentioned u in twitter
Twitter link:!/chachaarm/status/134257523271278592
Jenny♥ said…
Followed your blog and added Foxy Fashion Hub :)

Plus tweeted:!/thegratefulgirl/status/134261835166781440

Rhea said…
Rhea Nel Gulafo

Followed you via GFC, Added the page via Facebook and Tweeted (and mentioned you on the tweet!:D)

ciara bitonga said…
I joined ! :)

folowwed you through GFC
added Foxy Fashion Hub

name: ciara bitonga
meki said…
Thanks for this!

Followed in GFC as meki :)
Added Foxy Fashion Hub as Melody Kay Carolino :)
Thea C. said…
Followed you and added FFH! :)
Tweet link:!/limechartreuse/status/134310284054642688

Join my first blog giveaway! :)

x Limechartreuse
Marie Castro said…
Followed blog through GFC and bloglovin. Added foxyfashionhub on fb.

Marie Castro!/mariebiskwet/status/134311766845952000

arra said…
Hi,tnx for dropping by at my blog!

Im joining!

followed thru gfc: arra
Liked the sponsor as Arra Morta


blog post:


Arra Morta
Unknown said…
Yey I joined your giveaway=)
GFC name: Emafe Rice
Email add:
FB: Emafe Abello Rice
Twitter username: pinkiericegurl
Mai said…
Followed through GFC
Added Foxy Fashion Hub


Mariel Pardo
Davao City, Ph
xiowmailabporu - twitter
colin♥ said…
Joined already! Thanks for inviting me :) and visiting my blog as well.

email -
FB - Jhoanna Marie Signio
Twitter - colinsignio
Tweeted -!/colinsignio/status/134565775989153792

Thanks! God bless:)
Carla Cee said…
Name: Carla Catedral
Followed through GFC via carling_137
Added Foxy Fashion Hub via Carla Catedral

I hope to win!! Awesome giveaway!!
11gHiEsZeLLe07 said…
GFC: 11ghieszelle07


added OXYFASHIONHUB on fb under the name Gizzele A.
Histrionicme said…
1. Followed
2, Added on FB
3. Tweeted:!/iamabegaila
4. Blogged:

Hope ill win. :)
Unknown said…
via GFC as MIMI
via Facebook as Camile Danica Flores
Jam Angelica P. Garcia

Followed you at google
Added you on facebook

posted a blog about your giveaway

PS: thank you sis, that you like my outfit post. it's very flattering for someone like me to be given such compliment. i'm just a beginner and trying my best to follow your footsteps. God bless =)
Pearl said…
I joined! :)

GFC: My Sassy Chef
Liked via

Kim Sabala said…
Following you through Bloglovin & added Foxy Fashion Hub :)

Name: Kimberly Sabala
email: kimberly_sabala(at)yahoo(dot)com
Agatha S. said…
Joined! :)
Followed & added <3

Name: Agatha Sabala
Agatha S. said…
Joined! :)

Name: Agatha Sabala
Rhea Mocorro said…
Followed through GFC and Bloglovin.

Rhea Mocorro and!/jurinsthea/status/135352233717014528
Charm said…
- Followed your blog
- Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on Facebook
- Reblogged:

Charmaine Victorio
Makati City

By the way, thanks for your comment on one of my blog posts. I appreciate it. :)
Rica said…
Awesome Giveaway!
Followed your blog via GFC: Ricalyn Sicad
Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on facebook: Ricalyn Sicad
twitter name: @rsicad
email: ricalynsicad(at)yahoo(dot)com
Lyn said…
Followed your blog via GFC: Erlinda Sicad
Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on facebook: Erlinda Sicad
twitter name: @erlindasicad
email: erlindasicad(at)yahoo(dot)com
eji patanao said…
already a follower :)added on fb, tweeted


Stephanie Yang said…
Joined! =]

Stephanie Yang
Followed your blog via GFC
Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on facebook
Jen Destura said…
GFC/FB Name: Jen Destura
Added Foxy Fashion Hub
Twitter: @jendestura
Link of tweet:!/jendestura/status/135993572842409984
Jen Destura said…
Name: Jen Destura
GFC Name: Jen Destura
Twitter: @jendestura
Link to tweet:!/jendestura/status/135993572842409984
Unknown said…
Joined here! Thanks for inviting me :)

Followed thru GFC
Added Foxyfashion Hub on Fb
Reblogged here:

Name:Mary Aiko Orcilla
FB Name: Aiko Orcilla
Twitter: @aykulith
jayresa said…

1 followed you via GFC: theresa
2. liked on FB : theresa montino
3. tweeted it:!/jayresa03/status/136060175596535808

theresa montino
Wonder Woman said…
GFC: Wonder Woman
Facebook: Angeline Rodriguez

Please join my giveaway, too, if you haven't yet:
kath said…
joining! :)

follower tru GFC
added foxyfashionhub on FB

name: kathryn clamor
email: iamkclamor[at]gmail[dot]com

thanks :)
followed you on gfc = the nomadic fashionista
added on fb: shugah pauline kang

goodluck to us!!
Trixia Cruz said…
followed you via bloglovin.
added you on facebook
shared it on twitter

name: Trixia Cruz
twitter: @trixxuhh
Sammy Samson said…
Rosemarie Samson

Following you via GFC (Sammy Samson/ Rosemarie Samson)
Added FOXYFASHIONHUB on FB (Sammy Samson)
Christeen Cereno said…
ncie blog, like the header part :) paper cutes...

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