FoxyFashionHub x TheBargainDoll Giveaway Winner! :)

Hey guys! Thank you so much for joining my first ever (sponsored) giveaway winner. I am so excited to announce the winner cause I tell you, the items you're about to win from FOXYFASHIONHUB are LOVELY!!<3 (I sort of regret not joining my own giveaway haha, kidding!)

So let's see who Random.Org picked to be the lucky winner:

And the lucky reader is...

Congratulations, JEN DESTURA for winning my giveaway! (sorry mispelled your name on my excel file) Hope you can tweet / DM me your shipping details! Congrats :)

PS: Don't worry folks! FOXYFASHIONHUB is cooking another giveaway this december! Watch out for it!!:)

Much Love, TBD


Aykulith said…
Congrats to the winner! You're so lucky :)
RovieDivinagracia said…
Yes so lucky!I'm a bit envious too. Haha! Don't worry we'll have another one this december :)
Jen Destura said…
Thank you so much! I've already given my shipping details to Ms. Rochell! Thank you!
welcome :D congratulations!!

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