I need to smile a little more


I probably have one of the most awkward smiles ever. As you've noticed, I rarely smile with teeth shown. Why? Its because I am so shy to show off my braces, or probably I got used to it cause I had the worst set of teeth (before the orthodontics). and as always, I get this very lonely face on pictures. I just can't wait to have these metals removed from my teeth and start to smile as happy as I can. You bet, smiling with my pearly whites is a dream come true.

One of those few smiling shots. Trust me, I wanna smile more like this -- minus the braces!

Anyway, it'll take more time for that to happen. I wore this outfit to Antonio's last weekend when I dined with my doctors. (Yes, its part of my job-- and I love the perks of being able to eat out on a lot of places, hihi). Since its more work related, I wanted the look to be more formal, but still feminine. So I paired this hot pink bandage skirt from Pink Manila to a snakeskin polo from Anne Klein. Don't I look sophisticated? :) And oh, how cute is the matching shoes from Charles & Keith? I purposely paired my shoes to my top so I would not bother putting on accessories. Hihi, I loved the idea :)

Oops! Did I made you hungry from these photos? Betcha, I did. These are just some of the delectable food we enjoyed at Antonio's. To describe how delicious their entrees are out of words. Its like heaven on every tastebuds. 

Anyways I don't want to make you salivate more (and oh, I'm not a food blogger haha). Kindly hype my look on Lookbook & Chictopia

Much Love, TBD


Anonymous said…
Hi. i just came across your blog and I actually like it.
You have a great style.

Oh, I am a thrift-aholic too!
So many great finds there, noh?

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Your newest follower,
Anonymous said…
you are gorgeous, love your pink skirt!

Wonder Woman said…
I used to feel the same way when I had my braces, but then I just started to accept it and smiled as much as I can. You're very pretty, Rovie, even with the braces. Smile! :)

Charlene B. said…
I also have the worst set of teeth and smiling is quite difficult for me. LOL. but anyway, you really need to smile more, you look nice on that 'smiling' photo. ;)
Rochelle Rivera said…
love it! :-)

Apple said…
hi, i love love you outfit. yes. sophisticated and fun.

your new follower,
I'm Apple
@melai: thank you so much. yes, im a thrift addict! haha!

@larissa; thanks, ive checked yours :) great blog!

@nina: thank you so much

@angel: aaaw, very sweet. yes i think i need to smile more :)

@charlene: really? thank you so much :)

@rochelle: thank you!:)

@apple: thank you so much for following :D
Tesa said…
cool shirt!..and the food looks yummy! :)
Inga Žuolytė said…
wow! you look absolutely perfect :) especially love your skirt

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Anonymous said…
Such a nice collection. Pink skirt looks good on you.

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Unknown said…
Hello there sweetie! I just found your blog and let me tell you: I love it! you have great style and this post is awesome, great outfit!
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Inga Žuolytė said…
i follow you, so follow me back :)

Sandra said…
I really like the skirt!

eji patanao said…
cute nga pag may braces eeh :) you look nice with the braces haha, smile big, love the skirt, soo hot :)

wild and

Jiglycious said…
love your blouse

i'm your newest follower, hope you can visit my blog and we can follow each other

ice pandora said…
I think you have a beautiful smile ^__^ imagine when the braces coming off!
Anyway I love your outfit :) really nice! Love that hotpink pencilskirt!

xx ❤
princessmicah said…
nice skirt. gorgeous :)
oh, those foods look so yummy! i like your skirt... we're the same, but mine is color green!

It’s a GIRL Thing
@tessa: no words can describe how yummy the food were. haha! thanks <3

@gucci: followed you back dear :) thanks!

@taz: thanks :)

@kikijaniku: wow, im flattered you found my blog interesting.love your wishlist blog, followed it!

@sandra: thank you!!
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@cutestprincess: haha! is it from pink manila too?:)
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I love this combination !:) I’m from Turkey and I really like your amazing blog & photos ! I’m followin you :) Check out me :)

( And you can follow me on twitter @KubilaySakarya ) Keep in touch :)
Anonymous said…
Good photos. (:
Christie Ressel said…
Yes, you did just make me hungry!! lol

Fashion Translated
omg that food looks yummy! i also really love your outfit, the python and pink looks great together. wonderful post. love your blog! xx

ModeKarussell said…
You've got a lovely blog ;) Keep up the good work!

Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)
Mary said…
Hi lovely,
I totally love this outfit!!You look so pretty;) Lovely pics!
I love your skirt!!!
I just found your blog,it's very cute.I added to your followers!Follow back?:)
Have a great week
Fashion tea at 5
cute outfit!!!!!!!

@lovesfromfashion thank you so much for following me :) your blog is awesome too <3

@gabrielle: thank you<3

@my2pesos: thanks!

@fashiontranslated: haha i know ill make you guys hungry :P

@sarah: thank you!:)

@mode: thanksfor the comment

@mary: thanks for following <3

@cindy: thanks
ali.avenue said…
very cute look
adore your shoes
xx ali avenue
Ally Hunnam said…
wow awesome skirt and top! :))

so pink. so pretty :)
CHARRY said…
love your outfit specially your snakeskin top ;)
Louise Camille said…
Love our outfit! Specially the shoes!

Followed you.:) hope you can follow me to. I'm planning yo have a giveaway if I got more followers. Thanks!

Here's my blog: http://sosimplysophisticated.blogspot.com
Bernadeth said…
Antonio's?! My classmate own the place! It's so pretty there and I love that skirt!!
@aimee: thank you so much :)
@charmaine: thank you!
@charry: thanks for the comment
@louise: visited your blog! i followed you back :)
@bernadette: aaw geez! shouldve known so i could get discounts! haha joke :P
Shels415 said…
Great mix of texture! And the food looks delish!

Hope you visit my blog!

joyce aparis said…
i love your style! follow you dear!

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