It's Fun Being a Girl!

I had these photos for the longest time and I never had the chance to blog about it until now. These were taken way back in June, during a work-related conference at Imperial Palace Cebu. It was just a random day and John, a workmate who happens to love photography wanted to shoot  and make me his model.

And being the vain person that I am.Who am I to hesitate? :D

Here are some of the RAW shots John took while I serve as his guinea pig while he honed his skills in fashion photography.

 Pie, a workmate served as the stylist. O diba? The team is complete!

 From dainty to foxy. Funny how can a simple change of expression can extensively change the look. Sorry guys, for the wanting to smile without teeth, this is the best no-teeth projection I can give. :P

If you're wondering, I did the hair and make-up. No post processing for the photos and my eyebags are showing. LOL. But hey! I had fun. Posing and projecting in front of the camera was indeed really tiring (cause I'm not even a pro) but to feel how its like to be a model for  day was great. Thanks to John, I'll be happy to be his guinea pig whenever he wants. Haha! 

Anyways, I hope you're all having a great day!  That's all for now dolls. Thanks for reading :D
Much Love, TBD


Gela said…
you look like you're having a blast w/ all the posing. werk it, gurl! :D

boat ride through the sky
Asterisque_5 said…
great pics! you are really pretty!
thank you gela <3
aaw thank you <3
toni pino said…
i love your blazer!

toni perfumed red shoes
Themissys said…
oh holly! Lovely photos rovie :)

oh holy!! thank you, you're so lovely!! <3 im flattered with your comment!!
toni! thank you<3

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