Mirror Mirror

A quick post on what I wore when I gave Paolo his birthday surprise. The hotel lights were too romantic that I had a hard time making a proper outfit shot -- hence played around with the room's full body mirror. :P

Hindi naman ako madrama? :P Ang cute lang, peg ko ang pag-emote!  Haha. Anyways, for a better view of my outfit:

Tubedress: Muffin // Sequined Blazer: Thrifted // Shoes: NAFNAF //Earrings: Tiangge // Rings: Genevive Gozum // Accessories: Random

I particularly love this shot cause I look really thin on this. Haha :) 

Much Love, TBD


Notafashionblogger said…
ooooooh you look stunning!!! Gorgeous!!!
so love the shoes! :)
januarysublime said…
Love this dress! So cute! xx

thank you :)
hi micah :) thank you :)

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