Out of Focus

Lately, my tweets have been very depressing. I'm so sorry for flooding your timelines with such lonely rants, I did not mean to. There are just days where you need to let it out and breathe. I thank heavens we have twitter, that it gave me and a lot of people a venue to just vent it all out, whether good or bad.

Coincidentally my outfit shots for this look is somehow similar to what I'm feeling - out of focus. Getting immersed with a lot of family & personal matters can somehow drive a person insane. Good thing I have other areas to focus my attention to, like this little blog that I'm keeping.

As much as I wanna tell more, I'd rather stop and start on real blogging (so as to cheer me up more). Just a week ago, my cousin, Ives took my outfit shot using my D3000 in manual focus. Since he's still learning, there are some shots that are out of focus
This is probably my cousin's best shot, in Manual Focus.
Dress used as Top: Kisses & Co.
Skirt: Mango (from Lissa Kahayon at Supersale Bazaar)
Necklace: Celine
Sunnies: Random
Ring: Genevive Gozum

Despite some out-of-focus shots I still credit my cousin for making me look slender and tall in the photos. (tee hee!) I know in time, he'll learn to focus well and good for me I have an alternate photographer (when Paolo the bf is not around of course!)
Another "walking shot" attempt! Too bad I look stiff. (I have the poorest and most awkward posture!)

By the way, I got the awesome skirt from Lissa Kahayon at her booth at the supersale bazaar! (Read more about my supersale experience here) I still can't figure out if its a top or a skirt (and I plan to use them as both, haha) but I'm so happy that Lissa sold it to me for only P50! (Isn't she so nice?? :D) I feel so stylish in this outfit (probably because its actually Lissa's haha!)

See? Now I'm all cheered up. Anyways, before you might even suspect me of being a bipolar you can check my look in LOOKBOOK and CHICTOPIA 

Much Love, TBD


carla said…
I love the whole look!

Notafashionblogger said…
I don't see any out of focus picture and on sunday i'll post my out of focus night shots. Those are really blurry because we used tha night photoshoot application....a total disaster!
Instead these are very good pictures and I am lusting over that gorgeous skirt of yours!
there are 2 shots that a bit blurred. haha! thanks for the sweet comment dear :D
thank you carla :)
h4tr3droxy said…
i love this rovie :) youre so pretty , so loving the skirt . srlsy :)) lalalalove!

aimeealysadc14 said…
wow love your shades Rovie!! :) the whole look is super cute! :)

yey. thank you roxy <3
thanks aimee :D
Lisanne Hillen said…
Fabulous look!!!


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