PFW S/S 2012: Jerome Salaya Ang


Sequins, Feathers and Frills! I love Jerome Salaya Ang's collection -- tribal inspired yet still so fierce. :)
Much Love, TBD


"kaloka ang fashion week! you dunno what to wear. I like the 3 but my favorite is the second one -- :)"

Thanks darling! I know! hahaha nalurkey ako kakahanap ng perfect outfit. OMG! i wasnt able to watch this one. love his style! :)
Cylia said…
hey girly:) having a great tuesday so far?;) thanks for the sweet comment back! X
Sivi said…
nice blog and fastactic style!!! kisses
Hi! Paris Fashion Week is alwais wonderful, isn't it?! I was also there, well not at this show but at some others... I have just discovered your cool blog and I'm your new follower!
Mimi said…
fashion week is always so fun! it must be so cool to attend a fashion show. :)

<3, Mimi
Thank you guys for the sweet comments :)

@valeree: Next year lets see each other ha! :)
@cylia: Yes! thanks a lot!!
@sivi: HUGS! :)
@monica: Its the philippines, thats why its different :)
@mimi: yes! its a great experience :)

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