Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012: Sassa Jimenez

Yet another set of photos from Ginno Naz. My friend, Diorella and I fell in love with Sassa Jimenez' collection. We definitely saw ourselves wearing her creations! Feminine, Girly, Sexy, Sweet, Vintage and Sultry -- just like Blair Waldorf! :) European, high class fashion on its finest. I will definitely consider Sassa to design my bridal entourage soon (haha!)

My instant PFW date, Diomay. :) i just saw her with Ginno falling in line for the show! Yay, so happy to have a girl date :)

The ever supportive boyfriend! Thanks for going with me here, Pao and taking DOZENS of pictures. He's so sweet and very supportive of all my kaartehan. haha!

The couple and the man behind the awesome photos, Dio and Ginno. 
Thanks lovebirds for lending me your photos :)

Being in PFW was an awesome experience. Its my first time to witness a fashion show and be in an event filled with stylish people. I was so amazed. I never thought I'll be able to attend such a fashionable event. Yet, I've seen alot of bloggers and I was afraid to apporach them (Sayang!)
Next time, I will promise! :)

:) Loved it!
Much Love, TBD


SunnyToast said…
Great to hear that you are able to see fashion week:)

And your bf is really supportive...lucky you:) much love for both of you!

I love you pink lippy:)
@sunny toast: Thank you so much <3

@disturbed style: thank you love! :)
Ally Hunnam said…
Fashion week is love!! :))

Btw new follower! :)
@aimee thank you so much for following. Hope you'll like it ;)

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