Retro and Some Sort

Wore this outfit last week when I wentto Dagupan for work (quick stopover at the Fort to grab some food and of course take outfit shots). Since I'm usually dressed down whenever I go to work related out-of-town trips, I decided to pair my white flare pants to a colorful top and accessories for some colorblocking. I love how a pop of color can give an attitude to the outfit.

And took an outfit shot with the polo buttoned up. Which do you think looks better? I honestly feel ma-ala Lissa Kahayon in this particular pose. Don't you agree?

By the way the colors of this outfit sort of cheered me up. Though the colors looked happy, I actually feel the opposite. I'm currently emotionally low  at the moment, despite the good things that happened within the past 2 days (including Paolo's birthday surprise and party). I guess there are just days that dont end up as you want the to be.

PS: For my blog giveaway winners Im so sorry for the late shipment of your prizes. Been very preoccupied the past days an I Promise to mail it ASAP. Expect it on Friday / Saturday. Thank you.

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Much Love, TBD


Maria Regina P. said…
WOW. i ove how you can pull off the whie pants. I never wear a white pants before. hehe. love your necklace. Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

I've followed you Rovie,It would be a pleasure if you could follow me as well :D.

<3 Maria
Sandra Gomes said…
I loved the look!
Following your site if you can follow mine too.
Wonder Woman said…
Love the polo! It looks better unbuttoned btw :) But it's very pretty on you!

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Jiglycious said…
omg what a cute necklace

love it

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