School of Zombies -- Not! :P

Siblings Earl & Erlaine's birthdays fall on October and they usually throw birthday parties together every Halloween! It's becoming an annual thing that they celebrate it with a costume party :)

This year's theme was School of Zombie. I was stressed out on what to wear until Paolo and I decided that I go as a Japanese school girl zombie (those are my only readily available clothes that time) and him, as that guy from Resident Evil.
Since I thought everyone would go as zombies, I felt okay despite looking that horrible. But not! Mostly were dressed in their nerdy/schoolgirl outfits and others are even in costume! I looked really horrible!! Haha. So I just decided to remove my make-up and try to look normal as I can.

The birthday girl, Laine! :) Her birthday falls on the 31st :)
EFF! SCARY. Haha! That's my friend David who's in an effortless zombie costume.
I look like hell. Darn that youtube video tutorial. I failed! :P

 There! I look better right? I look a little haggard nalang. Parang nabugubog ng zombie peg nalang ako :P

Happy Birthday Earl! It was a great night :D

Much Love, TBD


A zombie sailormoon? what a great idea!!!!
Mila said…
Oh I love your blog, following now!
Jiglycious said…
i love your blouse.
look like you have a great time

following you know

hope you can follow me back

@clara: thankss :)

@isabella: thank you for visiting :)

@francesca: yes! i just looked really ugly thats why i removed my makeup haha

@mila: thank you so much for following!!

@jigy: thanks, yes i did. thank you so much for following :D
Tricia said…
Cute! Love your outfit. Love the shoes! =)
@tricia thank you :)
okay, i'm so jealous that you're so skinnylicious that you rocked that ensemble...a very fasyon anime character..hehe. <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

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