A Sweet Surprise for a Sweet Guy

November 16, 2011 - It was Paolo's 27th Birthday. And since this man has been making my life meaningful for the past 7 years, I decided to give him a surprise the night before he turn a year older.

So the masterplan was, treat him over for a dinner at Sambokojin (cause he is so obsessed with JAPANESE food). What he did not know is that I reserved a room for us and a sweet surprise was waiting for him. You can imagine how tensed I was while preparing for this! :x

So despite the hectic things I had to do for work that Tuesday, I managed to pick him up at his house (all the way to Munoz from Ortigas!) and treat him over at Sambokojin. And oh, I managed to piss him off that night telling that I have some work-related errands to do at Legend Villas that we have to go there after dinner! Haha (Oh diba ang galing lumusot?) :D

The first half of the night was spent filling our tummies with wonderful food :)

I was able to make the birthday boy definitely happy. And luckily I was able to trick him out to go with me to Legend Villas and made him believe that we need to do something for work. And here's what he saw when he opened the door..

Aaaaw. I've never done anything this extremely sweet. I was in tears when I saw Paolo's happy face. Weird, but I was touched with what I did (Kaloka din kasi the tension I was feeling hours before this no! Haha)

I was definitely successful in making Paolo's birthday eve a memorable one. And I am happy that after 7 long years, I still able to make him feel special :)

PS: Sorry guys for this over cheesy post. I hope you will understand. Haha!
Much Love, TBD


aww this is really sweet and cute!:)
hi ava:) aww thank you :)
Wonder Woman said…
I still can't get over the 7 years bit.....

RovieDivinagracia said…
thank you :)
aimeealysadc14 said…
wow 7 years! that's such a long time :) congrats and happy birthday to him :)

haha! yes we've been together for the longest time. still so happy. :D Thanks dear!! :)
Patricia Ocampo said…
cheers for the 7 years and his bday! :)

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