2011 was a Great Year Because... (Part 1)

2011 has been a good year for me. A year filled with many firsts, fulfillment and frustrations. However, as this year comes to an end, I would love to look back on the greatest memories this year has given me..

The Bargain Doll / Lookbook / Chictopia
I never imagined myself as a blogger when I was growing up.  I can remember how obsessed I was with school and find no time in other social networking platforms ( except for friendster then, facebook now) which I carried until I started working. Only after 23 years, I came across my friends' sister, Valerie Harley's lookbook that I started leaning towards dressing up. I am always so kuripot (I grew up from a very simple family and currently the breadwinner) but this did not hinder my fascination on fashion. Thus, THE BARGAIN DOLL came to existence. I will forever be thankful to the blogs that inspired me to start mine, and a friend, Marianne Marcial, if I wasn't able to view her blogspot, (SUPERLOVED) I would not even dare to create a blogger account.

Free, (work-related), Amazing Out-of-Town Trips
I always consider myself lucky for ending up in a job where I also get to travel for free. This year  was fortunate to attend company business conferences and work related activities in Boracay (twice), La Union, Cebu (twice), Pangasinan & Nueva Ecija. We are looking forward to our first incentive trip abroad next year (really excited)

Celebrating my 24th at Batangas
Probably my best birthday celebration yet. I was touched when my childhood friends agreed to go on a summer vacation during my birthday weekend last March of this year at San Juan, Batangas. What was more surprising was when they surprised me with candle-bearing cupcakes on my birthday eve. It was the most simple yet meaningful celebration I ever had... yet :)

Summer Outing at Iba Zambales with Family
Since I started working, I  partly sponsor our annual family summer outing. This year, we went to Iba Zambales and drove more than 6 hours just for an overnight of fun, love and laughter. It was a simple, but fun-filled get together we had. It was one of our "budget" summer outings but indeed one of our happiest trips so far.

Spontaneous Moments with my Sisters in Heart
Another great thing 2011 gave me is a more flexible schedule, thus I learned to manage my time properly, giving me more time to socialize more with my friends. This year, I feel so happy that I was able to bond with them more than the past years when I started working. Nothing beats a great time with wonderful friends :)

2011 gave me a lot of wonderful memories. Shall divide this too two parts and will post the other half next time. How about you, how did 2011 changed your life? :)

Much Love, TBD


Kaye Awatin said…
Have a great and better year ahead! Happy New Year!

thank you kaye!!! <3<3 happy new year!!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Ahhhh, I want to go to Zambales this year!
you should!!! its a bit far, around 5-6 hours away from manila! haha :D

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