Black Stripes & Movie Night

Happy December guys!! Ooh! Its that time MERRY time of the month again and I can feel everyone's excitement! (I'm sure you guys are) :D Anyway, just sharing with you guys what I wore a couple of weeks ago when I watched Breaking Dawn with Paolo (the boyfriend) at Trinoma.

Shift Dress: THRIFTED // Blazer: RANDOM from Trinoma
Boots: ROME // Necklace used as bell: CELINE // Sunnies: RANDOM

I was actually wearing this shift dress to work but I decided to style it up a little by putting on a military-inspired blazer and boots. And there you go, another (unintentional) almost-rebellious look. The dress is actually more chic and sophisticated than it seemed in the way I styled it, actually.

Obviously our favorite shot, sa puno ng niyog. HAHA

Anyways, we went to Trinoma afterwards cause I forced him to watch Edward & Jacob with me (took me a really hard time convincing him though) and as we waited for the movie,  Paolo decided to take some "artsy" shots by the roofdeck. Here are just a few of his "successful' attempts in photography. HAHA

Just before we head to the moviehouse. <3  
Well, all in all the two of us had fun and we both think that the movie and it was great. Happier cause Paolo seemed to be more impressed than disappointed for dragging him to watch a girly film. Haha!  Anyways, kindly check my look in LOOKBOOK & CHICTOPIA <3

Much Love, TBD


Chyrel Gomez said…
I haven't seen Breaking Dawn and I don't think my boyfriend would ever watch it with me. Your shift dress is gorgeous on you and great find. Love the entire look. :)
AVA said…
loving the all black and hello christmas lights!:)
Sara Sara said…
I love your outfit and these pictures, you look so good, that dress is really beautiful, the color, the length, the shape are all perfect. You are so beautiful; also your jacket is pretty awesome! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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Pop Culture&Fashion Magic
Lisanne Hillen said…
You look so pretty and I loveeee your lipstick!!
Isa said…
Lovely outfit! Following u.. follow back?

Analisa Nguyen said…
I LOVE your lipstick!
thank you <3
followed <3
yay!! thanks <3
aaw. this is a very heartwarming comment. thank you so much <3
yees! thanks ava!! <3
thank you chyrel!! <3 you should watch! its a good film, your boyfriend will like it, especially the honeymoon scenes! LOL
Mimi said…
you are looking so chic! i love the whole black and white ensemble!

p.s. your photos with the christmas lights and decors made me smile! i am so excited for christmas! :)

<3, Mimi
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