Bloggers United 2 Experience & Some Extras :)

It was only after the first installment of the Bloggers United Bazaar that I realized how much I missed back then. I was still on the process of learning to blog (and during that time what I only did is follow and stalk blogs and post lame entries) but as I draw inspiration from the blogging world, I made sure that when another bloggers united event came, I will be there to see bloggers personally. Thus when I learned that there's a Bloggers United Part 2, I immediately blocked the date, Saturday (December 3) and made sure to have passes (Free or not, but luckily, I won a lot!).

Anyways, let me Share with you my Bloggers United bazaar experience (and some side trips.) :D

Paolo was actually taking my outfit shot when I heard someone shouted, "HULI KA" My heart skipped a beat when I saw Kookie smiling at me and said, "Huli ka Rovie!" I couldn't believe it. I was partly speechless when I approached her. I was so flattered that she knows a humble follower like me and even stopped for a chat. (You can still feel my kilig up until now! I've been following her blog for God knows when!)

Saw Marie (my Meg Up & Coming Date and her friend, Madz. If it weren't for Marie, I wouldn't get to Treston College. Thanks for the very helpful instructions, love!

Of course! Had to take a photo with the super gorgeous, LAUREEN UY! She's super great! Sweet, how she cared for a quick chat and of course, a photo!

Finally met ANGEL of WONDER WOMAN RISES! We've been blogger friends for so long (she even gave me PFW invites hihi) and this is the first time we've actually met! It was a super quick meet-up but can I say how much I loved her speaking voice? Ang sexy lang! Haha.

With ARTSY FARTSY AVA! :) Oh gosh if you find her blog really cute and sweet, it is actually a reflection of her personality! So thrilled to finally meet her in person! :)

Gosh! With AISA IPAC of DROWNING EQUILIBRIUMS & MELAI OF STYLE & SOUL. They were so busy at the event but Im so touched got to take a photo with them (thanks for being so warm & friendly)! They did a great job in organizing this event!

Met another blogger friend, MAUREEN of MEZTISAY! I love how she wears sweet, pastel colors and let it reflect on her personality. Super bait lang nya and gorgeous! <3

With the super kakilig couple, SHAI & SEPH of LOVECHIC. Was so starstruck how the two of them have celebrity look-alikes, Antoniette Taus & Daniel Matsunaga. Hihi
(Will I ever convince Paolo to blog with me?)

With the super fierce EDEN of CHIC IN THE TROPICS! Don't you just love her hair color? :)

Vintage Chic BESTIE of THE CAPRICIOUS CLUB. I love her dress!

With SARAH TIRONA of FASHION EGGPLANT! She's so nice for giving me a great deal on her turbans! Haha I'm loving them now <3

Oh and since I arrived a little late, I wasn''t able to buy a lot of items (except for a pair of Shoe Ettiquette and a dress from Divine Lee) but I did get a lot of photos with the bloggers haha! And since I was a bit shy (nashy pa!) to the other bloggers, I wasn't able to take photos with other bloggers (that I saw there) like Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto, Vern Ernciso, Gela Abores, David Guison and Bjorn Bedayo, . Oh well, next time!

And all of these won''t be possible without my ever reliable date & photographer, Paolo
who got tired from Walking around the bazaar and taking shots and opted to eat outside instead and wait for me to finish haha! (Okay part of the reason why I wasn't able to get tons of photos) Haha. And to show a little appreciation for his effort, I agreed to so with him to an AUTOCROSS / CIRCUIT RACE (?) that was happening nearby.

And the reason why I was a bit late for the BU2 is because we had to check this event first
(and went back after!). Oh well. And since I haven't tried banchetto for so long, Pao & I decided to have our dinner at Il Mercanti (Metrowalk).

The deadly AMBURGER!! Its so good you will die from FOOD COMA! Haha
Bacon Mushroom Melt with Cheese inside the Patty!!
HAHA! I completley forgot that I was killing myself from starvation, I gave in to food. LOL. Now I'm alive again and my fats are slowly building up.

Whew! There 3 events in one day! :) (Oo na, kami na gala!) Love how I went from a fashion bazaar to food bazaar! and oh, sorry had to load you with so many photos it was just an eventful Saturday and its one of those few great weekends I had. :)

Thanks for reading! <3

Much Love,TBD


AVA said…
aww thank you for the sweet compliment, rovie!!:) you're the same too! and wow i love what you and pao did after!
phatpinay said…
Wow, you seem like you had a blast. You are so lucky to have a bf who supports ur passion 100%
eden said…
thank you for the compliment, rovie! it was so great to meet you too. you are so pweedy!:) sana pagbalik ko i see you ulit.

oh, and i wanted so so much to eat at il mercanti but my friends wanted to go clubbing instead. boo on a stick. hahaha

Yna Amores said…
Love all your outfits!
Arianna Angeline Rodriguez said…
Haha... By "sexy", do you mean "manly"? :p Demi Moore was my idol as a kid, so I think na-ingrain sa akin yung husky voice niya. Haha. Thank you, though. Nagblush ata ako sa compliment mo. I'm sooo happy to have finally met you btw. Hopefully next time, we get to hang out for longer. Was in a hurry kasi eh. And isn't Il Mercanti the best? Sarap!
yabutvina said…
I wasn't able to score that much as well! :( I promise to be early on the next bloggers united! and hope to meet more bloggers like you! Followed you! :)
Julie Lan said…
you look so pretty and all of you ladies are so stylish! haha i can tell they're totally fashion bloggers :D the food looks delicious
thanks ava <3 indeed naman you are super sweet!!
yes very lucky indeed. we sort of have a give and take relationship haha! <3
haha next time when you get back here in manila <3 thanks eden! you're the sweetest!
thanks yna!:)
haha! no it was sexy. and you sort of have an accent? haha! i love it! yes please let's hang soon! <3
oh yes me too. i think i ran out of good finds! thanks for following dear! <3 much appreciated!!
haha! yes bloggers all in one place! :) thanks! and yes the food were delish!
Hzel Uri. said…
What a great weekend you had with your guy! Haha. I also went to the event but i arrived past 5PM haha
mestizay said…
It was so great meeting you dear! talagang my 2nd photo drama pako!haha
sayang nman kc blurry kc ung first.:)

the food market is making me hungry!I have to try that soon.
gizelle faye said…
hala rovie! why didn't i see you there? i was actually looking forward to meeting you. <3 if you did see me and i was kinda off, it was because i was really tired...hahaha. i was actually ashamed na mga around 3PM cuz i looked sooo haggard. LOL. glad you had fun! hope i'll see you on BU3! <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
neondonkey said…
I was really happy to have finally met you in the flesh. Buti na lang my slow memory didn't fail me. Haha!

- Kookie B.
aaaw. sayang :) probably missed out on the good stuff na!:P
Mau!! really sweet of you nga to remember me. thank you thank you :) and your guy is so supportive! so cute. :) and yes try the food bazaar! nice to try different food all at the same time. haha :D
haha. thanks its okay! i understand how tired you guys are! nice to see you there :)
aaaw. love it kookie!! thank you so much! <3you made my night! yay!

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