Brown Leather & Car Show Event

It's a gloomy Sunday afternoon and I feel so  lazy to do anything today. However since I promised the boyfriend that I will blog about the car event we went to last Sunday, here I am writing about it. But first, lets go to the outfit I wore on our "date."

First time to wear this Leather Pencil skirt I thrifted a year ago. I have no idea how to properly style / sport leather but this is the best I've come up with so far. Paired it with the halter top (with an almost similar color) that I wore last  Supersale Bazaar and since we're going to a "boy's" event, I wore boots to at least toughen up the look. 

Top: THRIFTED // Skirt: THRIFTED // Shoes: ROME

And since the boyfriend is not in the mood to take closer outfit shots, those are just the best photos I can share to you. If you're wondering who's the man on the last photo, he's no other than my grandfather. Ang cute lang nya isama sa photoset. Hihi :)

And since Paolo has been very supportive to all my girly events, (bazaars, fashion shows, pictorial, shopping, etc..) its time to give back by going with him on his addiction: CARS! 
 If I am addicted to bazaars, Pao won't definitely miss out a car show event! So we went to Manila Auto Salon Car show (Am I right, Paolo? Haha) to this time, check out the latest in car designs & trends (oh my I'm so bad in cars, I don't even know the proper terms). 


Super cute little  girl. Of all the car show girls in the event, she's the only one who captured our heart. So CUTE <3
They just had to take a picture! Ay.. BOYS TALAGA!
Speaking of car show girls, I was so insecure with their sexiness (plus the fact that photographers / car enthusiast won't stop taking their pictures) that I tried mimicking their poses.  Haha sorry but I just became my boyfriend's personal car show girl.

And tada.. After countless photos, here's my best "car show girl"pose:

HAHA! Too bad I wasn't wearing a cap, short shorts, hanging top & a jacket! Perfect na sana!
Though I did not understand the things I saw there, it was great seeing Paolo roam around like a kid and be amazed on the cars and their porma. I repeat, I have ZERO ideas on cars and the only thing I know is to drive one. Haha! At least we had fun at the event. 

Anyways, going back to clothing and style, please don't forget to check my look in LOOKBOOK & CHICTOPIA :)

Have a blessed Sunday!


Chyrel Gomez said…
I <3 your boots and you look more fierce than those car show girls. Also, it's good that you have a give and take relationship which is how it should be. :D
Arianna Angeline Rodriguez said…
You should bring Pao to the vintage car exhibit in Resorts World! They've extended it! Such nice cars. Yum yum yum...
Gel said…
Wish I could pull off that kind of outfit! Buti ka pa :) I've never tried going to any car shows before. Couldn't recall having a boyfriend who's very much into cars hehe.
Ann said…
Leather skirts are on in hehe,
waahh d n ako nakapunta sa BU2=(

Do join my giveaway, ^^
ashley/ milk teeths said…
I think you styled that leather skirt perfectly! And hey, you need to tell me where all the cool thrift stores are in Manila! I'll be visiting in February :D
Gela said…
awesome skirt, Rovie! love the color & material!

hope you had a great time at BU2! :)

boat ride through the sky
yes sometimes I support him on his "manly" endeavors (uhh, that didn't sound right) :D
nice! <3 I wanna bring pao there! im sure he'd love it!! :)
haha. though sometimes I get jealous cause he's more obsessed on cars than me lol!
Joining you ann :) thanks!!
Hi ashley! I'm so flatterred you visit my blog. Yes it will be my honor to guide you to the thrift stores here! but it will sure look different from the ones there <3
yaaaay <3 thank you gela for visiting! i did!!! you were so sweet!! <3
Thestyleflux said…
I have the same leather skirt, only in black :) This makes me miss going to carshows :(

Lisanne Hillen said…
You look beeeaaautiful!! Love the look!
chalk_lyricist said…
you are amazing!

kaye :) did you thrift it too? you should go lalo na with your camera im sure you'd take good shots!! :)
hi! thank you :)
nica. thanks for following <3

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