Girls Night out at Prive

I'm nearing my first quarter of my life and this is one of the few times I went on an "all-girls night out." It's not that I don't drink or I don't go to parties, its because I always go out with Paolo (and I'm at my most comfortable whenever I'm with him) and its only now that I was given a chance to go out with my childhood girlfriends on a clubbing date.

L-R: Jass, Suzy, Thet, Myself, Ryn & Bev

We always plan something out everytime our friend, Jass goes home to the Philippines for a vacation (she left us last 2000, while we were still in grade school to reside in Germany). Finally for the very first time, we were able to convince a lot of our kabarkadas (we RARELY go to as most them prefer "chill" gimiks) to join us and show Jass the "clubbing scene" here in the Philippines.

And since its the first time that we are going out as a group, I was really really excited to go out with them! :D So we started our Saturday night at Suzy's house and spent more than 3 hours fixing ourselves, doing our make up (well you know what happens when you out 5 kikay girls in one room haha!)
I really wanted to look different for that night so I forced them to iron my hair. Haha <3
TADA! Straight na <3
Just before we left

Had a quick stop at Bugsy's Fort (to fill our tummies) and head to Prive for an eventful night. It was fun dancing and drinking with my friends but I was a responsible girl and did not drink that much. Why? Its because I was the designated driver and of course its always best NOT TO DRINK and DRIVE! (And yes I was succesful in bringing all my friends home!)
At Bugsy's. Yay our nurse friend Jessa dropped by!

Funny how all of my friends are wearing some of my items. Jass is wearing my skirt, bev my shoes, ryn my skirt and suzy my blazer. Feeling stylist na!:P

And of course we spent a great evening at PRIVE <3

And we ended the night making ourseleves sober with some Chic-boy sinigang at Timog. Okay I'm feeling eeeky as I heard about the scandal online. But hey, we owe them our lives! We would not made it home alive if the sinigang did not removed the drunkedness in our body. LOL

It was a great night for all of us. I am really hoping we get to do this more often. (But not drinking til morning cause its really tiring!) :P

Anyways, here's what I wore that night:


It was probably the perfect evening to wear the corset dress I bought from Divine Lee last bloggers united. It was so SEXY!! Since the Divine is so tall, I had to adjust the length using the belt (The dress is actually below the knee). Still this made me look like a vixen! I never thought I could wear something sexy like this and I hope I did not look like a stick, or an inverted popsicle (I still think I'm A-shaped).

PS: Photos from home-Bugsys are mine while the club photoz are my friend, Bev's. I did not bring my D3000 inside cause I don't wanna be stressed carrying a bulky camera and be the group photographer. LOL :P

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Many Thanks!:)


Thestyleflux said…
You look fab! love your dress :)

rejille patanao said…
aww, haha loive the blazer, i waaant :)) soo kagulat the scandal, thinking it's the same branch na kinainan neu haha :) im sure you had fun :)
ashley/ milk teeths said…
gosh you and your lady friends look so glamorous! what a fun night :)
thanks kaye!:D
as in! oh well masarap parin ang sinigang lalo pag lasing. LOL :P
thanks ashley! it was a fun night indeed!!:):)
Chyrel Gomez said…
You look so sexy! And it's also because of who previously wore/own the dress! Ang lufet!
Laura said…
Wohoo, great outfits, great shots - I love your blog! Following you now ;) Check out my blog and follow me if you want,maybe you get inspired ;) xo from NYC

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