Glittery Christmas / Inspired by Kookie Buhain

For our company Christmas Party, we were asked to come in our something that glitters outfit. Being the career-dresser that I am, this is what I came up for the affair:
I thrifted this amazing sequined dress at Edsa Central Ukay a month prior to our Christmas Party. I instantly bought this dress without any idea how, when or why to wear it. And when the office announced that we have to wear something glittery for our party, I was so happy to know that I can finally wear this great ukay find for a valid reason.

Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms was my inspiration when I came up with this style. Her look book photos are flashing on my head as I was styling my outfit. Did I wore luxe grunge as fierce as her? (Haha, I wish I did) :D
Top: RANDOM (Same top I wore last Bloggers United)
Shoes: ROME // Shorts: Random
Turban: From Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant
I have the thinnest hair ever! If you guys know anything to help me with my problem (shampoo, medicines, whatever, kindly let me know!)
Luckily, our company's resident photographer, John Lumpan was there to take my outfit shot. Don't you just love his camera settings & flash? I love how he is so enthusiastic on taking my photos! I wish he's always around to take my outfit shots. And since some of my workmates find my way of dressing to be over the top (well my style is probably simple for most of the fashion bloggers--hehe) I had to remove the after the shoot so as not to look weird for them.

However, I'm not the only camera-phile person in the office. Someone joined me as John was taking my outfit shots, none other than Melton, our resident maginoo pero bastos. Haha
Probably the reason why John & I were not able to take detailed outfit shots. Melton had to be there!! Haha. :)

Girlfriends from the office. Jokk, Ann, Myself & Belle
I love this photo --- Thanks John! :)

Our party was a bit mellow, cause it fell on a Monday. We did not drink too much (though we had a quick fix at Agave Eastwood after) but it was still great too. Oh, I got make-up goodies from Ever Bilena & Nichido as my Php 300 exchange gift. I am a happy girl :D

Anyways, please don't forget to check my look in LOOKBOOK & CHICTOPIA :D Hope you like my weird post for tonight, my head is a bit all over the place cause of some difficulties. But I'm great and still kicking! :D

Much Love,TBD


Thestyleflux said…
You look stunning on that dress!

carla said…
i <3 your turban
Chyrel Gomez said…
I think you were able to rock the look pretty well. :)
Stephalberga said…
totally in love with this outfit!!! i'm following :)

check out my blog if you'd like!

steph xo
Melai Entuna said…
Rovie! You did great! This is soooo Kookie :) You look fab and fierce! Kabog mga officemates niyo nung party niyo I'm sure haha :)

Melai of Style and Soul
Eunica Emano said…
very kookie indeed! just bun the hair and kookieng kookie na talaga! ;)
ms eggplant said…
you look amazing! definitely rocked the luxe grunge look and love the way you wore to the turban!

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2k penshoppe gc, forever21, charlotte russe, t le clerc and a beautiful satchel!
phatpinay said…
Fanny Serrano's hair product might work but it was expensive for me. They are available in Watson's. I use Pre-grow and Re-grow. I also have thin hair because of too much styling. Lols! Love your outfit Rovie. I miss going out. I'm always at home now so I don't have any outfit to post. huhuhu!
Nina Lacson said…
Yes, very Kookie B!!! Really pretty and fierce, Rovie!! <333

-Nina of
Pau said…
I love the touch of the Turban! I've always wanted to wear one but I didn't know how to but this post definitely gave me an idea. Thanks! :)
thank you pau <3 i hope you did learn from this. hihi :)
ha! thanks nina <3 i wonder how will kookie react when she sees this?:D
haha. thanks dear. is it the same with pregroe? <3 im using it, the green one pero i bought it sa mercury lang.
haha! thanks. I hope I can mimic her style pero nagiisa lang sya :D
you bet. everyone was looking at me, tingin nila sa akin weird. Haha :D Thans for visiting my blog so kilig naman :D
hi thanks for following! yes will check yours <3
yay! thank you :)
thanks carla <3

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